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My Grandparents First Meeting

This is the story of how my grandmother met my grandfather, and how they went on a trip around Europe after knowing each other for a week.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents Evelyn and Fritz Grupe describe their experiences as adolescents. Significant cultural events, parents, social environments, and discovering identities are discussed.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents describing their experiences as adolescents.

Peace for self and community in Kashmir from a youth perspective

What does Peace mean to oneself and for the community from a youth perspective in Kashmir. Kamran shared his reflections around what he does to create peace at different levels as a member of the community, helping us refocus on...

How technology shaped the way teachers connect with students.

Seth is interviewing his mother, Jenny, about how technology has changed in her classroom since she began teaching in 1997.

I interview my mother and we are both really awkward about it.

In this interview, I talked to my mom about going through college with 4 kids, and the interview is kinda awkward.

Child Social Work from the Perspective of a Daycare Teacher

Kim Estep talks about her experience working in a daycare with kids associated with Child Protective Services.

Interview with Rosy

An interview about my mother, Rosy’s, life.

Service Learning Interview- My Mom and Her Experiences with Math

My mom speaks about her struggles with math and her suggestions for others in the same boat.

The Great Listen!

I asked my stepdad things about his accomplishments in life and who influenced him over the years.

Interview with Klyde

An interview with my friend Klyde who is an international student. He was born in the Philippines but grew up in Qatar, and talks about the experience of coming to the U.S. and how it’s different from Qatar.

A little nerdy conversation

I catch up with a dear friend of mine and talk about her goals, and then reminiscent of our time in highschool.

Granville Hutton Jr. interview his father Granville Hutton Sr. in 1962.

Granville Sr. describes from his early memory of leaving Kansas as a boy and settling in Eastern Colorado. His family, farming as a boy and family man, the old home place, death of his two younger brothers, hauling grain to...

Interviews with the Waccamaw Indian People: Chief Harold "Buster" Hatcher

Dr. Harold "Buster" Hatcher, Chief of the Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina, talks with a Coastal Carolina University student about what it means to him to be a member of the tribe. He says about being Native American "I...

Raymond "Remo" D'Alessandro, 100YO WWII veteran military and life story read by his grandson, Jason Blundell, an Air Force veteran.

Ray D'Alessandro was born in Italy, immigrated to the US, enlisted in the US Army to serve his new country. Ray fought across north Africa, Italy, France and Germany. Ray was set to be recognized by Junior ROTC cadets at...