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My Grandparents First Meeting

This is the story of how my grandmother met my grandfather, and how they went on a trip around Europe after knowing each other for a week.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents Evelyn and Fritz Grupe describe their experiences as adolescents. Significant cultural events, parents, social environments, and discovering identities are discussed.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents describing their experiences as adolescents.

A Healthy And Kind Perspective

I entered the interview expecting to talk about the pandemic from the perspective of a home health nurse. Instead it was a discussion on mental health and being comfortable in your own skin.

Amarachi Nwogu and Aunty Oromeni

Amarachi Nwogu: 2020-12-31 23:53:24 High school senior Amarachi Nwogu and her Aunty Oromeni discuss Aunty Oromeni's life. They discuss Oromeni Olayiwole's passions, motivations, and hopes for the future. Amarachi also gets insight into her youth life and activities. Through discussion,...

Interviewing my dad

Asking questions about his goals, what he likes best about himself, what he wanted to be when he grew up, if he considers himself successful, and what’s something people wouldn’t know about him by looking at him.

Judith Nole and Rich Fisher

Judith Nole (62) interviews her colleague, Rich Fisher (59), about his 41-year career at Public Radio Tulsa and the station's upcoming 75th anniversary.

Indy 500 Talk with Grandpa

This was so fun to talk to my Grandpa about the greatest spectacle in racing!

Pandemic life as a Healthcare Worker

Being a healthcare worker is tough, but you can overcome what you love to do.

Inteview with Diane Fisher

Interviewing Diane Fisher about Los Gatos United Against Hate and her career

Dawoud’s interview with Marwan issa his uncle

Asked my uncle about his life and and his past and his future also his Perspective of life. What he wants and what he is thankful for

Margarita una mujer resiliente con una historia de inmigración por amor

La historia de una niña con un carácter resiliente que siempre se rehusó a caer en una vida oprimida por el carácter de un padre machista y ausente. Margarita creció al lado de su madre y sus 4 hermanas, quienes...

Cathy Malalah 6/21/23

Kiwimbi International summer interns Claire (21) and Katherine (20) interview Cathy Malalah, the general manager for Kiwimbi Kenya. Cathy shares her story of moving from Kenya to the US in 1993 and her difficult decision to move back in 2012.

Test interview

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Diane Vo- Service Learning Project

I had the opportunity to sit down with my aunt for a personal interview, where we talked about family values and her experience growing up as a first generation immigrant while receiving her education.