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A New Life In a New Place

Quyen is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to America while escaping Communism in his 30s, and like all immigrants, tried to adjust to his new life in an entirely different country.

Moonshine in Hickman County, Tennessee

James Hassell talking about his moonshine making days.

English extra Credit
November 20, 2020 App Interview

This is something for my English class where I interview the photographer teacher

Esmeralda Flores and her mom Yolanda Campos talk about Yolanda life

This interview is between Esmeralda Flores and her mother Yolanda Campos. In the interview we talk about how life was for my mother and what was her favorite moments. We also talk about her religious background and how it has...

Raul Santiago and Osvaldo Santiago

Raul Santiago (Age 15) and Osvaldo Santiago (Age 18) are brothers who discussed name origin, early memories, favorite games, growing up, elementary school, role models, career goals, parents, hobbies, and friends.

Stevie’s life

Stevie is explaining what happened in his life and he also explained his opinions on certain things.

Interview my mom.

The memories and recollections that she has, including her family and the separation that she had with them.

Interview with papou

My papou talks about life, money, music, and what he loves

Interview on Peace Education

Mr. Wilbert A. Villaflor is a Secondary Teacher who works at the Department of Education teaching Values Education.

Taking with my grandma

We were talking about mostly on how she got here.


“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” A journey from Germany to America

Madj’s story

Her story of what it was like where she was growing up. When she came to US, what it was like.