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Cleon Jones Jr., Angela Jones, and Cleon Jones Sr.

Cleon Jones Jr. (52) speaks with his parents, Angela Jones (77) and Cleon Jones Sr. [no age given] about piecing together the true history of Africatown and the Clotilda ship and growing the community of Africatown many generations later.

Darron Patterson and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [no age given] interviews her conversation partner Darron Patterson (71) about the history of Africatown and the Clotilda ship, his own family history, and the importance of challenging racist ideologies.

Christopher Williams and Delilah Righter

Christopher Williams Sr. (61) and his interview partner Delilah Righter (25) discuss Christopher's childhood in Alabama, his experiences in elementary school during desegregation, and his perspective on the health and wellbeing of the Africatown community.

Robert Battles and Tiffany Pogue

Robert Edward Battles Sr. (77) speaks to his colleague Tiffany Pogue (23) about his work as a community organizer in Africatown and what true justice for Black people looks like.

Jason Lewis, Elie Koukoui, and Eddie Ibry

Jason Lewis (45) speaks with two of his mentors, Elie Koukoui (70) and Eddie Irby (77) about Africatown, the importance of uniting Black people from both Africa and the United States, and doing this work through mentoring and uplifting the...

Makinde Gbolahan and Sara Barkouli

Sara Barkouli (23) interviews her conversation partner Makinde Gbolahan [no age given] about being an active member of the Africatown community as both a naturopathic healer and community organizer.

Kelly Finley and Karlos Finley

Kelly Finley [no age given] interviews her husband, Karlos Finley (59), about his family's history in Mobile, Alabama, their involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, and what he has learned from them. (Content warning: mention of rape and sexual assault)

Minnie Dewberry and Quincy Stephens

Brother and sister Quincy Stephens (76) and Minnie Dewberry (80) talk about their childhood in Alabama, their careers as teachers, and the legacies they both hope to leave behind.

Ottie James and Franchesca Peña

Ottie James (31) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña (27) about his life as a performance artist, reflecting on his relationship to spirituality, his role as a father, and the biggest influences on his life and work.

Rochelle Williams and Charles Williams

Rochelle Williams (55) speaks with her husband Charles Williams (53) about her family’s history in Plateau, AL, also known as Africatown. The two discuss the new attention the community is receiving in light of the discovery of the Clotilda ship...

Veda Robbins and Vernetta Henson

Veda Robbins (54) and her mother Vernetta Henson (74) talk about food, family, and careers. They reflect on the difference between finding a passion and being a curious hummingbird.

Wayne Curtis and Joycelyn Curtis

Wayne Curtis (67) speaks with his wife, Joycelyn Curtis (66), about his business Mobile Alabama Africatown Drummers. They discuss how drumming can positively impact mental health, the importance of teaching music to young people, and the historical significance of African...

Bobby Dennison and Patricia Frazier

Cousins Bobby Dennison (71) and Patricia Frazier (72) speak about their family history as Clotilda descendants. The Clotilda was the last slave ship to arrive in the US. The two discuss the lives of their ancestors Lottie and James, highlighting...