Interview with Grandma Roberta

My interview was about my Grandmother and some of her favorite memories, occupations, and all of her travels. She shares fascinating stories both funny but full of interesting detail and facts about her life growing up and her experiences with...

Tracy Nocera – Merry Christmas 2017

Listening to dad’s story for his children and grandchildren.

La historia de Pedro Astudillo – 05-08-2024 17:49:51

In this interview I ask my best friend Pedro about his experience immigrating from Ecuador to the United States.

Recording – 05-15-2024 14:23:55

granddaughter Melanie (15) and grandfather Daniel (80) discuss the biggest impacts of his life and his experiences in the army for 21 years.

Esther LaPorta and Robert LaPorta

Esther La Porta (73) and her husband Robert LaPorta (72) recount their lives and whats happened to them in the 50 years they have been married.

Bubbe remembers

Bubbe remembers Brooklyn in the 1940 and 1950’s

Ruth Fulton and Latressa Fulton

Ruth (72) talks to her daughter Latressa (38) about growing up in rural South Carolina, moving to New York City when she was 18 and her life as a nurse and mother.

Frank Fields III and Frank Fields

Frank "Jim" Fields Jr. (90) and his son, Frank Fields III (65), talk about their family and their connection to Brooklyn, New York.

Richelet Jean, Hasina Islam, and Abigail (no name given)

Richelet Jean (42) speaks with librarian Hasina Islam (27), as well as his daughter Abigail (no last name given) (7), about how Hasina's work with families at the public library has made a huge impact on Abigail's learning, curiosity, and...

Danielle Quattry-Comer and Benjamin Comer

Life partners Danielle Quattry-Comer (30) and Ben Comer (32) talk about meeting each other in Brooklyn while they were roommates, becoming parents together, moving to North Carolina, and their desire to return to New York.

Kelsey and Tamara (Part Two)

Kelsey Lewis, age 15, interviewed her mother, Tamara Lee, age 42, about her life, past decisions, and her biggest regrets. This interview is filled with laughs, tears, and so many different emotions. Enjoy your listen as much as we enjoyed...

Dawn Owens and Lindsay Isaacs

Dawn Owens 81 speaks with her friend Lindsay Isaacs 41 about growing up in New York City in the 1940's and how she became a runner after losing her husband. Dawn has completed 9 marathons including two NYC Marathons.

Betty Cohen and TC Cowles

Betty Cohen (87) talks with TC Cowles (no birth date given) about her marriage, education, especially her graduate studies, family and her husband's struggle with Parkinson's disease.

Ruth Lippman and Stefan Friedman

Ruth Lippman (97) speaks with grandson Stefan Friedman (41) about her childhood in the 1920s, creating a family, and advice she has for her great-grandchildren.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview
November 24, 2018 App Interview

This interview provides listeners with the importance of family

First day of High School w Melanie

The participant’s name is Melanie. She’s 17 years old. She has a younger brother and she lives with her family. She’s my classmate. I interviewed her regarding her first day at high school. I discussed with her about how where...

Debra Brathwaite and Tracey Mallory

Tracey Mallory (48) and her friend and mentor Debra Brathwaite (69) talk about their careers in education, compare their career paths, and share memories of when they first met.

Interview with GG
November 26, 2022 App Interview

This Interview is between Madeleine(15yo) and her great grandmother Polly Braig(95yo). During our time together we discussed a few stories form her life.