Eugenia Torres and Margarita Uruena

Margarita Uruena, 35, talks with her mother Eugenia Torres, 65, about growing up in Colombia and her family.

Father and Daughter

This is an interview of my father, who was greatly influenced by his grandfather growing up. He told many stories about his childhood as well as stated his advice for me in the future.

Colombian Traditional Healer

An American farmer and peacemaker encounters a traditional Colombian healer while witnessing for peace in 2002 during a time of civil conflict.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What growing up in Colombia was like and how the people and culture influenced her.

interview Colombian immigrant

tells the story about how Rocio Giraldo came to the Unided States

Angel Enrique Tovar and Julian Martinez

The interview revolves around the life of a Colombian Soldier. It includes experiences from the tasks he had to handle and the achievements he accomplished. The topic about the result of the peace treaty made with the terrorist group called...

Dinner with Mami

I sat down with my mother and asked her some questions about what it was like for her growing up as an immigrant in the U.S.

Seguridad informática

Se realiza entrevista al profesor de la universitaria Agustiniana, Francisco Valle referente a la seguridad informática.

RosaMaría Henry and Patricia Gibson

Friends RosaMaría Henry (73) and Patricia "Patty" Gibson (70) reflect on their Latin roots and remember meeting through work. They talk about their friendship, moments when they have supported each other, and their shared sense of civic duty to create...

Jay Horowitz and Michael Berke

Jay Horowitz (73) speaks to his good friend Michael Berke (55) about his family history in the toy industry and refusing his father’s job offer before starting his own business, Juguetes ToyCo, in Colombia.


Esta entrevista principalmente tratara los temas más discutidos de el mundial en Rusia 2018.

Robert Shaw and Katherine Hutson

Rob Shaw (65) is interviewed by his wife Katherine Hutson (60) about how he came to the Baha'i faith, his decade living in Latin America and his world view. They also discuss how they met and how Katherine's Lakota spirituality...

Old Media outside of the United States

My best friend’s dad who immigrated to the United States about 5 years ago, talks about what life was like in Venezuela and Colombia before my time. We talked about how news, music, and television was given back when it...

Thanksgiving Interview

this interview I ask my grandmother who was visiting from Colombia about her life. Her full name is Gladys Del Carmen Martinez Rojas and she is mostly known in the family by her nickname Flores (Flower). She was born in...

Entrevista a un influencer

En esta entrevista se hablo de como un influenciador de las redes sociales, nos cuenta su experiencia de cómo ha sido este proceso de convertirse en un gran influenciador y el cual busca ser más reconocido por medio de las...

Nohra Bernal and Maria Tapia

Maria Celeste Tapia (32) interviews her friend Nohra Bernal (46) about coming to the US from Colombia, working as a translator, and how she wants to write children's books. Nohra also talks about living in France and the additional languages...