Interview to my Mom

My mom talks about all she's gone through to get to where she is at today. She is blessed to have me, and that i dont need to go through what she did. Im blessed with what i have, and...

Interviewing my dad

I was getting to know more about my dad's past and how his parents were which was cool because I have never met them before.

Interview with my dad

we talked about his childhood and how certain events have shaped him

“I want you to have a goal”

My father tells me how he wants me to turn out and how war changed him.

Lawyer Life

I interviewed my dad for about 10 minutes and asked him about his life. He describes how he grew up and what it’s like to be a lawyer.

Greta L. Bennett and Diana Hardy: Growing up being an only child and later having to become a caregiver for a parent.

Greta L. Bennett: 2021-03-13 22:03:54 Greta L. Bennett 54 and Diana Hardy 52 friends for over 29 years, met while stationed in Germany

Discussing Marriage and Family with My Dad

I interviewed my father and asked him about his marriage with my mom and about what it was like having me as a child.

Carlos Colburn and his mom Katia Colburn talk about moving to the states.

In this interview my mom and I talked about her child hood and what it was like growing up in two different countries. We talked bout her parents and how they effected her life. To finish the interview off we...

Interview with our three-year-old son about having two dads

We asked our son what he likes about having two dads, about his favorite things to do, and about what he likes to do with each of us.

Research Prospective Project: Discussing Autoimmune Disease

In this podcast, Jake and I discuss Crohn’s Disease and how it has had an effect on our lives. We talk about what society can do to find a cure. As well as the theories behind the onset of autoimmune...

Interview with my dad Carlos

I sat down with my dad and asked him questions about his past and his memories.

Interview with mom

My mom talking about life in Cuba, moving to America, and seeing herself in her kids

PoynterHSJP18 Podcast

This interview is about Thomson Draper, an aspiring journalist, and his life.

Coming from Cuba

My grandma and great grandma talking about their life and how they came to the United States from Cuba

Sampath Parthasarathy talks to his grandson about growing up in India.

In this interview, I talk to my grandfather Sampath Parthasarathy about his childhood in India. I also ask him about my dad, and other family members.