Interview con Alfredo

I decided to speak with my dad about his life and get to know him a little better.


Perspective of my father’s childhood the lessons he’s learned and a little about his time in the service.

Interview with my mom

talked with my mom about her accomplishments, what’s she’s proud of, her kids, and reflecting on her life

Story Corps with Dad pt. 2

In part two we talked about my mom, memories of me, and advice. I learned a lot and I feel this interview will help me in life.

Joseph Wesolowski and Wendy Wesolowski

Joseph Wesolowski (76) talks with his wife, Wendy Wesolowski (59), about growing up as a street kid in the East Village of New York City, high school, his career in Engineering and adoption of their children.

Neil Rambana and Elizabeth Ricci

Spouses, Neil Rambana (52) and Elizabeth Ricci (46), reflect on the role “the American Dream” has played in their lives, discuss the work they do as immigration attorneys, and look forward to their daughters’ future.

Fourth Quarter Project : Family

My interview with my mother about family and her perspective on family.

Talk Less, Listen More

Today, on May 5th, I sat down with my father to mainly discuss how he’s doing during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what his opinion of the current matter is.

Grandma’s Childhood

Sat down with my grandma, who is suffering with memory loss, to talk about her childhood and her current life.

Karla Handal 03/27/2022

We talked about my mom’s experience moving from Honduras to the United States at a young age and how it has made an impact on her life today.

Rhoda Garcia and Candyce Bennett

Rhoda Justice Garcia (72) talks with her friend Candyce Bennett (68) about childhood memories of growing up during the time of the NASA space program, living at Cocoa Beach, near Patrick's Airforce Base, and Satelite Beach.

Trinh Jones and Tim Jones

Spouses, Trinh Jones (59) and Tim Jones (58), talk about their contrasting childhoods in Saigon, Vietnam and Troy, Missouri, as well as the shared values that bring them together. They also reminisce about their early relationship, raising their two sons,...

Mark Interview

This is my assignment for EH204A. I interviewed my fraternity brother, Mark Miller. I ask him questions to get to know the real Mark.

Interview with Chani

We talked about what past experiences have made her into the person she is today. What makes her happy and what she wishes for her children and descendants.

“This was like a soul to soul conversation”

This was an interview between my mom and I. We spoke about general life lessons and about the life we have led and would like to lead. We also touched upon the impacts of her upbringing and of mine.

Interview, My Mom’s Experience of Life

In this interview we talked about my moms experience in life and some good and bad memories and some advice she would want to share with future generations listening to this interview.

Jennifer Reed and Edward Wood III

Jennifer Reed (54) interviews her father, Edward "Ed" Wood III (80), about his childhood, the information he has found about their family history through his interest in genealogy, and the Christian mission work their family does together.

Interview with my Grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa, Eduardo, where he talks about his childhood, lessons he’s learned, and obstacles in his life.

Learning More About Israel Encinosa

Layla Jaime (14) interviews her “soon-to-be step-father,” Israel Encinosa (44). Israel discusses growing up in Miami, FL and his life, business, and family.