Jeff Severson Talks About The Arrival of AIDS in New York City and his 40 years as an HIV survivor.

Jeff Severson (68) shares how his early years as an actor in NYC coincided with the arrival of the AIDS epidemic. He recounts the loss of two life partners from AIDS and his own HIV positive status. Jeff also talks...

Paige and Alisha – Thanksgiving Interview

Alisha and Paige Interview about childhoods and career paths.

StoryCorps Interview with Dr. Alfred Savage

Fred tells me of his life experiences and of how he became the creative genius exemplified today.

Marjorie Gilbrech and Bryan Gilbrech

We discussed early childhood memories of family and different jobs held in Grandma's early years

From Cataluña to Icaria

Interview between Julia Guerrero Reed and her father Roger Reed about their Montaldo ancestors, who were part of the Icarian utopian socialist commune in Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1800’s.

Robert Sherrill and Jannis Schilling Sherrill

Husband and wife Robert "Bob" Sherrill (70) and Jannis "Jann" Schilling Sherrill (68) talk about their experience as a military couple and reflect on the many places that they have lived over the years.

Marian Fowler and Albert Fowler

Spouses Marian Fowler (79) and Albert Fowler (80), teenage sweethearts who have been married for 57 years, discuss their lives and the many surprises they encountered. They talk about Albert's service and the difference between his view of the military...

Interviewing David Lammers

The last part of my interview with my dad, unfortunately my phone died halfway through so I lost the first half.

My Cuz

A conversation with my oldest cousin about memories and lessons throughout her life.

Ella Metzner & her Granddad talk about his past.

In this interview we talked about our family heritage, important life lessons, and some my granddads favorite memories. We also talked about what it means to be a leader

Clare Winright and her mother, Elizabeth Winright discuss family history and traditions.

Interview conducted In December 2020 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Elizabeth Winright describes her childhood and stories of her mother and grandparents during her interview with Clare Winright.

Tim Wheeler and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Wheeler (68) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) explore common experiences growing up in small Midwestern towns and talk about their differing views on environmentalism and climate change.

Mike Rahm, Beth Sells, and AJ Rahm

Mike Rahm (61) speaks with his daughters Beth Sells (33) and AJ Rahm (26) about proposing to their mother, moving to Bozeman, Montana, the misfortunes that befell them there, wild times with his coworkers, and moving back to Illinois.

Connie Jeschke and Jennifer Jeschke

Connie Jeschke (64) talks to her daughter-in-law, Jennifer Jeschke (33), about her childhood, her family, motherhood, the various places she has lived, her career as a teacher, and her plans now that she and her husband are retired.

Father’s Day 2023

Michael (9), Ben (12), Nathan (18), and Scott (20) talk about their dad for Father's Day.