We talked about women’s rights and the importance of that, and how it’s interesting to see how the world has evolved today.

Interview with Halle

Very good and interesting interview, of things I didn’t know about my classmate

Great Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his childhood and how times have changed. Also about the toll of the Vietnam war.

1928 to 2020: John F. McGrew

Growing up in the midwest (Iowa), attending the U.S. Naval Academy (1951), his career in education, and raising a family.

Thanksgiving with Granny

LaVaune Glasnapp talks about growing up on a farm in Northwest Iowa.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my Grandma about her past life and what she was like as a child.

O and Kk in the backyard

An interview with Olivia (grandaughter) and Kay (grandmother)

Interview with Jack

This is an interview I did with my brother Jack. I learned lots about him that I didn’t know before. I expected him to joke around a lot but he took it very seriously. We are very similar as I...

My grandma and her life.

I have never really been able to talk to my grandma because of the distance, but I’ve always been interested in her and her life. I’m happy to talk and learn more about her.

Life of Marianne Warff

The life of my grandmother was talked about. Also her parents and a bit about their lives.

Catherine Halligan Interview

This interview was with my grandmother at home. We talked about creativity and family mostly. I learned a lot about her family growing up.

Mary Jane McMaster Kleyweg

Mary Kleyweg interview- Born during the Great Depression, raised during World War II, from farm life In Le Mars, IA to San Francisco, to Mississippi, to Chicago. The life of Christ and Family.

Growing old

It's not always a bad thing growing old. The life experiences, advice, and love one can give even at an old age is an incredible gift we were given.