Sono’s incredible Journey to Europe

Sono Begert (née Nishimura) travelled from Japan to Europe in 1939, just as World War II began.

Oral History Summative: The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa and I talked about our family history! We really talked a lot about his parents, my great-grandparents, and how their struggles to be accepting in a time period that was not very accepting.

LaTanya Ri'Chard and Melanie Sanwo

One Small Step partners LaTanya Ri'Chard (50) and Melanie Sanwo (55) discuss their college experiences, early memories of politics, and feeling misunderstood.

Minami and Miyachan 2018 Interview

We discuss, in English and Japanese, of her life and mine. What would she change, what she believes, and what Miyachan has enjoyed in her life so far.

Michael Liapis, Kari Erickson, and Stacey Liapis-Fuchsgruber

Michael R. Liapis (72) speaks with his daughters Kari Erickson (47) and Stacey Liapis-Fuchsgruber (45) about their life journey as Curling athletes and how it led them to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Ralph Kayler talks to a student from Pentwater Schools about his experiences in The Korean War.

Background information on Ralph Kayler before the war and why he joined. A discussion of his time in boot camp and various types of training he received. Information about his time in Germany before going to the Korean Penninsula. A...

Charles Niswonger is interviewed by his great grand daughter about his experience in the navy during WWII.
November 29, 2015 App Interview

Chuck Niswonger (who I am named after) recalls his life growing up in the 30's and inlisting in the Navy for World War 2. He met my great grandmother when he was 26 and she was 19. They are 7...

History Project

My dad talked about his father, my grandfather, from his point of view. He explained what his childhood was like and other impactful moments.

Piper Guthrey’s Interview

He grew up in Little Rock Arkansas and in his childhood he played football and climbed trees and many more exciting activities. He met his wife Mrs.Dorcas whenever he was asked by one of her friends to bring Mrs. Dorcas...

My Mom

I talked to my mom and learned a lot about her childhood and family.

Elaine Chen gets to know a little more about her mother, Naoko Makise’s, life-story and the valuable lessons she’s learned from her experiences.
November 4, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 3rd, 2022, in Orange County, California, Elaine Chen (20) interviews her mother Naoko Makise (56) about her childhood, family, life-lessons, and spirituality all based on the rich experiences that she went through. Ms. Makise...

Grandad’s 99th Birthday

We talked about Grandad’s 72 year marriage, his experiences during WW2, and life in small town Georgia.

September 13, 2019 App Interview

We discussed how mom's life in Japan.

Yvonne Lynn
October 18, 2022 App Interview

YVONNE LYNN'S LIFE STORY: Places--New York, Stockton, Yonkers; Profession--Actress; Person greatly admired--Eleanor Roosevelt

Yoshio Murakawa and Dina Pecceu

Yoshio Murakawa (76) talks with his daughter Dina Pecceu (46) about his family history and experience during Japanese Internment during WWII. Yoshio shares about where this grandparents and parents are from in Japan and how they immigrated to the US...

Allan Anderson and John Waters

Allan "AJ" Anderson (31) shares a conversation with his grandfather John Waters (80) about fishing, Chicago, aging, and death.

The Military!

A little about my life in the military and cool places I’ve gotten to see

Interview Ms.Thao

I had the chance to interview one of the person that I’m thankful for the most recently.

Elizabeth Winfield's Life Stories (Part 2)
January 2, 2023 App Interview

The Villages of San Mateo County hosted an intergenerational story telling event on December 10, 2022. This is a story from Elizabeth Winfield about her early life in Japan around World War II.

A Muslim in America

After talking with Irene Ameena I learned more about her religion, childhood, and what it’s like being a Muslim in America.

Amy McCoy and Margo McCoy Howe

Amy McCoy (48) interviews her mother, Margo McCoy Howe (76), about Margo’s earliest memories, her childhood in Des Moines, Iowa, and her work as an international counselor and consultant.