Tony Catanese (81) avoids fighting in the Vietnam War, saving his life.

Paige Catanese (15) interviews her dad, Tom (55), about his father, Tony (81), about how he barely escaped commanding an American Troop into the Vietnam War due to a thyroid gland condition, saving his life.

Kristina Bridges and Amy Saltzman Michel

One Small Step conversation partners Kristina Bridges (41) and Amy Saltzman Michel (41) compare their experiences in their respective communities, as mothers, their personal views, and navigating political conflict with loved ones.

Lucy Kimani and Abby Spitler

Abby Spitler interviews her classmate Lucy Kimani about her move from Kenya to the United States almost 5 years ago.

Interview with mamie

Questions asked by me to my grandma about her life and future advice

Interview w/ Grandpa

I talked with my grandpa, Rick, about his childhood. He reflected on old memories and struggles on life.

Oma’s interview

We talked about my grandmas life and struggles she has had throughout life to grow stronger.

J. Reed

J. Reed is graduating high school. He reflects on friendship, gives his thoughts about college, and explains why he wants to own a zoo.

Emancipation Proclamation

I ask my mom some questions about what it was like to get emancipated at my age.

Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

Melba Franklin (Aunt)

My aunt and I talked about her childhood and how it was like.

The Great thanksgiving listen

I talk with my mom about her life asking important questions about her upbringing and her character.

Katherine Wang and Alexandra Lee

Katherine Wang (81) talks with her granddaughter, Alexandra Lee (13), about her childhood in Hong Kong and living in Kansas City, Missouri.


Perspective of my father’s childhood the lessons he’s learned and a little about his time in the service.

My Mom, Pat Ann Hatfield

I had asked my mother to write me letters for myself during motherhood and my children (biological and adopted), but her sickness progressed faster than expected. We chose to record it, so here it is.

Interview with my Dad, Kris Bittner

In this interview, my dad talks about his experience with his youth group as a child as well as his and his families background.

The Making of Pizza Street

The CEO of Pizza Street Enterprises Mike Guidry is interviewed for the first time. Listen now to listen to his long journey to the top of the pizza chain.

Janel Bowers and David Wesley discuss investing in others and life events that form deep values.

Janel Bowers discussed how creating new avenues for people to thrive and have dignity has given her a sense of deep joy. Her work through Friends of JCDS gives her the opportunity to match her own gifts and passions with...

Jeny Beausoliel and Dorvell Stewart

One Small Step partner's Jeny Beausoliel (59) and Dorvell Stewart (33) take time to shares stories about navigating mental healthcare system, living with abusive parents, and finding places that bring them joy.