Thanksgiving interview With dad

I asked my dad questions about his life as a child in Mexico and his life now in Missouri.

Going Native with City Roots Nursery

Increasing urban biodiversity one yard at a time- a conversation with Zach Herrmann and Kristen Wolf, owners of City Roots Nursery in Kansas City, MO.

Step family
November 28, 2021 App Interview

MiaBella (14) and Justin (33) talk about Justin’s childhood, his coming into me and my moms life, and the imprint he would want to leave behind.

A Mother’s Vocal Days

Krystal Ragone tells all about her days in the Music business. Interviewed by Sam Ragone (Me)


April Schmidt? is discussing her early childhood in Kansas City Missouri

Some Wisdom From Mom

Recording in Kansas City, Missouri, Katherine Etheridge (17) interviews her mother, Leslie Etheridge (49). The conversation dives deep into many subjects of life: good times, lessons learned, and some motherly advice.

Revelations in the Heartland – Commemorating Stonewall 50 with Norm Arbo

Back in the day, it often took years for things that happened on the coasts to really impact the Heartland. The coincidences of Norm’s life in 1969, while traveling in Europe (on a trip earned as a reward for serving...

Interview with Older Sister

For this interview, I questioned my oldest sister. I asked her multiple questions about her childhood and adult life which she gave insight on.

Here with Fernando

Fernando and his life. Everyone has a story to share and personal thoughts so here you go. What makes him him are the little things, his reactions,thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

The Big E

Earl, (77) and his grand daughter Addie, (12) sit down and have a meaningful conversation to get to know "Epa" better.

Conversation with my Mama

I got to hear from my mom, stories of her childhood, and also of mine.

Lessons and Blessings Listening Session

This interview gives the point of view my parents have about life and seeing their daughter grow up and adventures out into the world.

Edgar Contreras and his father Jose talk about his father’s story

In this interview done with Edgar Contreras (16) and his father Jose (46), they talk about the father's childhood growing up and who were his main influences in his life so far. They also talked over how Jose has came...

Grandmother’s interview

We talked about my grandmother’s experiences throughout life and their brief outlook on the world.