Interview with Pat Ann Hatfield

Interview with our grandmother and her four grandchildren, Tessa, Rayna, Landry, and Liam

Papa Jack Thanksgiving 2018

How would you like to be remembered? What has been the happiest moment of your life so far? The saddest? Talk about Lois Sladkey.

Am Hist 3 storyCorps interview

This is an interview featuring my mom. Talking about my childhood.

Interviewing A Close Friend.

We Talked About Everything. Illnesses, Family Heritages, Relationships, And Future Careers All Of The Above.

Interviewing Gary Bernard Scales J.R

We basically talked about my fathers childhood. We talked about how he grew up where he lived and other stuff

Interview with mamie

Questions asked by me to my grandma about her life and future advice

The Making of Pizza Street

The CEO of Pizza Street Enterprises Mike Guidry is interviewed for the first time. Listen now to listen to his long journey to the top of the pizza chain.

Conversation with my Mama

I got to hear from my mom, stories of her childhood, and also of mine.

Melba Franklin (Aunt)

My aunt and I talked about her childhood and how it was like.

Good ole days

Abue (my grandmother) talks about her life in Mexico in the 40s & 50s. She also talks about her life in Brooklyn and Kansas City.

Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

Thanksgiving interview With dad

I asked my dad questions about his life as a child in Mexico and his life now in Missouri.


Casual interview with my dad about his life and how it led to mine.

J. Reed

J. Reed is graduating high school. He reflects on friendship, gives his thoughts about college, and explains why he wants to own a zoo.

EMC Interview w/ Michelle Golloher

Interview between daughter and mother. Mother shares stories and information about life and ancestral history.

Living A Life In America

In this interview, Elainie and her father, Simon, talk about moving to America and what it’s like. He talks about having a hard life being an immigrant moving to America with little money. He also talks about kids bullying him...