Ashleigh Gill and Christopher Clark

Ashleigh Gill (29) talks to her boyfriend, Christopher Lee Clark (35), about her childhood home, going to London for a writing contest, and the influence West Virginia has had on booth of their creative work.


I talk to my partner about her adult and child hood.

Mom’s Story

This interview was about a conversation between me and my mom about her past and present experiences.

Interviewing my aunt

In this interview my aunt explained some of her life memories growing up.I was able to learn a lot of things I didn’t know of.

Indefinite Leave to remain

An Indefinite Leave to remain also called a UK Settlement Visa is a document that shows that its hold has been granted immigration status after a certain period under a provisional visa in the United Kingdom and has shown a...

Bonga of the Jungle

Martina interviews her paternal grandmother, aka Bonga

Interview with Grandma

I enjoyed interviewing my grandma on some life questions. I didn’t know a lot of the stories and details my grandma shared during this interview beforehand, so I am appreciative and glad I asked her questions and listened to some...

Princess Diana’s Funeral

Joy Pierce talked about what it was like to be in London at the time of Princess Diana’s funeral.

David MacDonald talks about his early years, teaching in England, and appendicitis.

My grandpa was born in Nova Scotia moved to ashtabula Ohio, grew up there and didn't like school except college. He went to Europe instead of being drafted for the army, taught French even thought he was not very qualified....

Creativity: All the Way from London to Iowa

I talked to William Jacobs, a man that I met at an alumni event for our fraternity. He is 64 years old and graduated from the University of Iowa in 1975. We talked about William's early stages of life, what...

Getting to know mom

Laura’s decisions and opportunities with their affect on her life and her opinions on certain lifestyles based on time and music.

How my mother became the successful doctor and businesswoman she is today!

This is an insightful story of African American woman who faced many challenges throughout life but still came out with a happy ending. Dr. Renita Clark is praised OB/GYN who has a story full of laughs, sorrow, and happiness. This...

Living His Best Life. Do what makes you happy and have fun in life.

Cindy Smith: 2021-09-16 01:03:27 54 years old interviewing her partner, Christopher Broughton, 53 years old 3 months after a life changing accident they were involved in. Christopher survived a near death experience and shares what he's learned from life, the...

Prudence Anne – A Remarkable Woman

Pru is now 88 years old, and she has lived an amazing life. She shared with me a little of her childhood growing up in England during WW2 and also some stories about how she met and married her first...

Interview with Nanny

An interview between my grandma and I, discussing her life and many interesting stories. I learned about her father’s role in WWII and what it was like for her growing up.

Lindsey Riddell talks to her grandma Emily about her childhood and her life.

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California Lindsey Riddell (13) interviews grandma Emily (80) about her childhood, adult life, and raising her father. Emily shares stories about traveling the world on a sailboat and raising...

Growing up in England

I interviewed my dad about what life was like when he was growing up in England