Sally Catron and Jessie Foley

Jessie Foley (44) sits down with her mother, Sally Catron (73), to ask about her childhood, her parents, her relationship with her husband, and the messages that she'd like to pass on to the younger generations of their family.

Marge Hamilton’s Report

Marge tells us about her childhood, relationships and thoughts about her children and grandchildren


We get to take a look at my grandmas thoughts on 9/11

Max and Agoo

We talked about thanksgiving a little bit. We also talked a little about my grandma’s childhood. And we talked a little bit about COVID.

Life through the eyes of Yahaira Perdomo

In this interview conducted on October of 2018 in New York City, Orlando Caceres interviews his mother, Yahaira Perdomo on her experiences on life in the Dominican Republic, youth, motherhood and most recently her experience emigrating to the United States...

Rodolfo Janairo and Rolland Janairo

Rodolfo C. Janairo (69) talks with his son Rolland Janairo (36) about growing up in the Philippines, immigrating to the US, working in New York City, marrying and raising a family.

Thanksgiving Listen: Aran O’Loughlin
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mostly childhood stories of life of a man who grew up in NYC & with plenty of family from several backgrounds, some things were great but there was a share of the bad as well throughout

Marie Santiago and Danny Santiago

Spouses Marie Santiago (31) and Danny Santiago (33) sit down for a conversation about the highs and lows of the years that they have spent together and offer some of the wisdom that they have gained along the way.

Max Campbell and his grandfather George Eisele talk about his life growing up.

Max Campbell is a 13 year old growing up in Los Angeles. His grandfather, George Eisele, lives in Pennsylvania. The interview is over the phone on December 1, 2019. They talked about growing up in NYC.

Hayley Morales and Riley-Paige Belisle, December 2020

Coming at you live (not really) from their homes, two freshmen from New York's "The Beacon School," Hayley Morales & Riley-Paige Belisle discuss in a teenager's perspective the events happening in the world that is from the messy year we...

Wilma talks to her granddaughter about catholic school, growing up around the block, and meeting her husband.

Wilma and her granddaughter Amy discuss her journey to the United States, growing up in catholic school, meeting her husband at 15, and family life.

9/11 through one’s perspective

This interview is about the events of 9/11 through the experience of Christopher. He spoke about the events that occurred on that day and how it affected him as a child. He also spoke about his feelings and how he...

Story Corps Q2

On Dec. 12, 2017, I, Parker Thompson, interviewed Paul Fischer about his life and experiences

Pamela Sinchi and her mother, Norma Camarena, talk about her experience coming over to the USA / how hard it was to be where she is now.

Pamela Sinchi: 2021-09-29 01:31:20 In this interview, Pamela Sinchi (14) interviews her mother, Norma Camarena (40), about her experience coming over to the USA and her experience being here including becoming a resident. She talks about within her 18 years...

Kathleen O'Dell and Andrea Croley

Andrea Croley [no age given] tells her friend, Kathleen O'Dell [no age given] about her family's experience of the Bombing of Dresden, immigrating to Missouri as a child, and how her family history and personal experiences inform her condemnation of...

Sharon Gonsalves and Estelle Gonsalves

Sharon Gonsalves (61) shares a conversation with her mother, Estelle Gonsalves (86), about coming out, being accepted, and walking the NYC Pride Parade together.