Pete McRitchie talks about his life

At age 91, Pete McRitchie talks about growing up in Macedonia, OH, his family, his Marine Corps service, and his employment in construction and as the Macedonia police chief. He also shares some philosophies of life.

A Conversation About Life

A conversation with my aunt about her life and the things she went through. From her biggest dreams that could’ve been accomplished to her constant jobs she had when she was younger while being a single mother. The importance of...

Three Generations
February 28, 2019 App Interview

My mom talks about her mom and compares our household to her childhood household.

Traditions from Growing Up on an Ohio Farm

I called my grandma who now lives in Mascotte, Florida to interview her. It may be hard to hear at some points throughout the recording since the interview is over the phone. I asked my grandma, who is 66 years...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

today I interviewed my dad about his childhood and life events!

An Interview With James Hough

This interview took place on November 23rd, 2017, in Debby Carson’s living room in Zanesville, OH. The actual recording took place on November 27, 2017, because the interviewer was having technical difficulties. The interviewer who is 15 years old, Sophia...

A Pita History

Hannah Petrosky interviewed Margaret (Pita) Petrosky on November 24th, 2017 in Medina, Ohio. Mrs. Petrosky spoke about her life as a young girl growing up in a big neighborhood. Mrs. Petrosky also talked about her life during the Vietnam War,...

Education in Columbus

My grandparents and I discussed their career in education. They went in detail on organizations and unions they participated in and how technology changed throughout the course of their careers.

Interview With the Basketball Lover
September 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about how a basketball lover learned to love the game without still playing. It also touches base on how his basketball love helped him create other hobbies and develop a good career out of it.

Attitude of Gratitude Babinski

We talked about priorities and who has been a big influence in life. We also talked about some more fun things such as favorite music artists.

Kalida Kids – (1/?)

A retrospective on life in Kalida, Ohio in the late 20th century by five Putnam county-born individuals. Three have left, two have stayed, and all have been shaped by their experiences in the small German Catholic village of a thousand.

Interview with Ken Batick

I interview my grandfather about his childhood and adulthood, since my knowledge of it was shaky at best.

Interview with Mother.

I asked my mother about a couple opinions on this generation of kids, and what it was like raising me.

Interviewing My Aunt Bea

A funky little interview between myself and my aunt, focusing in on some of her most cherished memories.

Theodora Lee Gregg fruitcake recipe

An interview with Theodora Lee Gregg about her McCall’s fruitcake recipe, who she makes fruitcakes for, and the origins of the tradition.

Myah White alongside her mother, Cara Frazier, interview Taryn Quinn Remark.

In this interview, conducted in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Myah White(17), and Cara Frazier(somewhere in her 40’s)interview Taryn Remark(6). Taryn Remark talks about her interesting and innocent 6-year-old outlook on life.