A Mom’s Wisdom

A twenty minute interview mainly dealing with a stereotypical yoga mom’s wisdom.

Traditions from Growing Up on an Ohio Farm

I called my grandma who now lives in Mascotte, Florida to interview her. It may be hard to hear at some points throughout the recording since the interview is over the phone. I asked my grandma, who is 66 years...

Fr. Jeremy interview

Why Fr. Jeremy is a priest. How he came to become a priest.

Interview with Dad

My dad lives in South Carolina; I live in Ohio. We only see each other in the summer. We talked about his childhood, time in the service, Love for the beach and his family.

Interview with Ken Batick

I interview my grandfather about his childhood and adulthood, since my knowledge of it was shaky at best.

A Pita History

Hannah Petrosky interviewed Margaret (Pita) Petrosky on November 24th, 2017 in Medina, Ohio. Mrs. Petrosky spoke about her life as a young girl growing up in a big neighborhood. Mrs. Petrosky also talked about her life during the Vietnam War,...

Attitude of Gratitude Nivellini

I learned more about my mom and I also found out what she is thankful for, since it is near thanksgiving.

Attitude of Gratitude Babinski

We talked about priorities and who has been a big influence in life. We also talked about some more fun things such as favorite music artists.

Michael and Michaela; 3 year

This is me asking Mike questions about himself and our relationship.

Grandmother Interview

This is a interview I did on my grandmother. We discuss her childhood, teenage years, children, spouse, and religion.

Hannah Pinkelman(20) and Catie Snyder(16) discuss growing up in Adrian, Michigan as an adolescent.

In this interview, Hannah and Catie discuss the trials and tribulations of Adrian, Michigan. They also discuss post high school plans, specifically job and college outlooks.

Daniel Hensler talks with his father Joeseph Hensler about his past and everything that led up to their move to Denver,

I'm this interview, conducted in May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Daniel Hensler (14) interviews his father Joseph Hensler (48) about his life up to his move to Denver, Colorado. Joe shares stories about his life in St. Louis and...

Pete McRitchie talks about his life

At age 91, Pete McRitchie talks about growing up in Macedonia, OH, his family, his Marine Corps service, and his employment in construction and as the Macedonia police chief. He also shares some philosophies of life.

Two sisters, Kassidy and Kaylee Brown, talk about growing up together.

In this interview, conducted November 27, 2017, in Massillon, Ohio, Kaylee Brown (14) interviews her younger sister Kassidy Brown (8) about her childhood. Kassidy talks about the relationship between their family and how she feels about her sisters. She also...

A college degree at 68

I interview my grandma, who grew up Amish and therefore did not have the opportunity to have a normal higher education. She pursued a bachelor’s degree at 55, while running a business at the same time.

An interview with my dad

Jonathan the interviewer speaks with Tim, his father, about his life and story, involving his experiences and advice for the future

Patrick and Granda

Patrick interviews grandpa on his parents, time in the service and other parts of his life.

Interview with Grandma
November 20, 2019 App Interview

In this interview my Grandma and I talked about life in Cleveland, growing up, meeting her husband, jobs, memories, and her dreams for her Grandchildren. My Grandma tells some stories about when she was a child going for ice cream...

Interview with my dad, Dallas M Young, Jr.

My father, a professional musician, describes how he got into music when he was younger and the people who influenced him along the way.