Donald Bye Thanksgiving 2017

Donald Bye tells us about some of his childhood memories and influences

Ronald Frantz and TC Burgin

One Small Step partners Ronald "Ron" Frantz (64) and TC Burgin (71) talk about their appreciation of Oklahoma and their hopes for its future. They also share how they are different from what people might expect from them.

Caleb and Keona Interview

this interview is hosted by Caleb (19) featuring Keona (18) and she is my significant other. We talked

The Transition to Happiness
November 23, 2022 App Interview

This story is about my cousin's husband, Evan Velez about his journey from transitioning from female to male. In this story Evan talks about the support system he had, things he learned and things he wants to teach. I knew...

Emma’s 15th birthday
November 30, 2022 App Interview

20 year old, Sabrina interviews her 17 year old niece, Emma. Emma talks about her 15th birthday and talked about the emotions she felt that day.

Interview with my wife on her college and career paths

interviewer- Wesley E. Rainbolt 32 husband interviewed- Rheva K. Rainbolt 32 wife interview on current career path and whether that’s what Rheva has always wanted to be.

Rachel Barnard and John Duval

One Small Step partners, Rachel Barnard (52) and John Duvall (63), discuss privilege and racism. They examine how each of these is reflected in their own life experiences, and John brings some new ways of looking at these concepts to...

Melva Curry and La-Verna Fountain

One Small Step partners Melva Curry (75) and La-Verna Fountain (64) discuss their personal values, identities, religious beliefs, motherhood, and potential solutions to social ills.

Gregory Tackett and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) interviews her mentor, Gregory Tackett (44), about the many adventures he has had and the wisdom that they have brought him. They discuss his travels, his sexual and national identities, his closest relationships, his spiritual experiences, and...

A Peek Inside a 10 Year-Old’s Brain

Joe is your average ten-year-old third grader who loves playing video games and pranking his sister. Joe entered a chaotic family of five at two and a half days old as a foster child and was adopted at two and...

Dana Austin and Jeffery Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Austin (68) and Jeffrey Jones (65) discuss their military service, the media they've produced, raising their children, and communication.

Delores Friesen and Bonnie Dibble

One Small Step conversation partners Delores Friesen (81) and Bonnie Dibble (62) have a conversation about the current political divide, historical events, and working as educators.

Interview with my Mom

Talking with my mom about her experience working at her family’s business at a young age.

Karla’s Guide To A Lovely Life

In this interview on November 29, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma, Jaide McCall interviewed her mother Karla McCall about people who heavily impacted her life and shaped her into the strong minded individual and tough mother she is today. She discussed...

Gary Jones and Judith Blake

Gary "Baker" Jones (32) speaks with his One Small Step partner Judith Blake (77) about their personal background and upbringings and share about some of their political values and how they were formed by their experiences. Baker talks about his...

Interview With Scott Newbrough

This is an interview conducted by me (Callie Newbrough) with my dad (Scott Newbrough). He’s experienced many things and learned a lot. His experience reflects the time of generation x and our similarities and differences.

Andy Cullen and Nick Shipley

One Small Step partners Nick Shipley (40) and Andy Cullen (57) learn about their shared acquaintances, talk about their faith, and discuss politics and policy.

Matt Ronan and Michael Marion Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I interviewed my grandad Michael and we talked about his greatest childhood memories, business, politics and more.

Tammy Grimm
October 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Reagan Grimm and I’m interviewing my mom, Tammy Grimm. I’m 21 years old and she is 57. She talks about her life growing up in Oklahoma, her children and grandchildren, and her own parents.