Thanksgiving with my grandmother

Within the interview my grandmother talked about her life, and changes throughout her life.

Oklahoma Road Trips

My Grandma Barbara used to travel from California to Oklahoma every year to visit her family. These are some of her favorite memories as a child.

Dad’s First Interview
April 13, 2018 App Interview

My dad’s take on historical events mostly throughout the 90’s.

It Started With a Burp

Karen and Richard Martin share the unique story about how they met and what’s been important after 61 years of matrimony.

Archive Oologah- Jamie Marrara

Archive Oologah interviews our very own Jamie Marrara to ask her about the significance of being a valedictorian of the OHS Class of 2018 and her high school experience.

Edgar Martinez interview with Ali Rivera

Ali Rivera a very good friend of mine .He has very good character that would take him far in life

Adult interview

Nathan talks about his adulthood and how he’s doing so far.

Papa Alexander Interview

In this interview, my papa discussed who his grandparents and parents were and what they did for a living. Along with that, he discussed what my mother was like growing up and some of her interests as a young girl.

Grandma Cousland

Taking with my 96 year old grandma about her life growing up in Oklahoma and California.

Thanksgiving cousins

Cousins reflected on the past year and a half since high school graduation.

Story from Gee

My grandma Gee discusses history growing up and meeting her husband as well ending with some dating advice.

Phyllis Hunt

A tornado in 1950, high school, ww2 experiences, music, and the death of Ernest Hemingway’s father

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandpa Barclay

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oklahoma (Aimee) and San Antonio (Grandpa) Aimee Barclay interviews her Grandpa Robert E. Barclay. Grandpa Barclay shares stories about his life as a kid and his time in the military. He talks...

Session 1 – My Mom Cheryl – Memories and Influences.

Interview from daughter of mother about her own childhood and influences. I learned a lot about my mom that I never knew.

Archive Oologah- Thomas Wolters

Archive Oologah interviews Thomas Wolters, a valedictorian for Oologah High School class of 2018 about his high school experience and the significance of being named valedictorian.

What Happens at Mimi’s Stays at Mimi’s

Interview with my 73 year old grandma as we near her 50th anniversary. *cuts off at end*

“Follow Truth and Life Wherever it Leads You” Tanager on Growing Up In Maryland and Oklahoma

In this interview, conducted in November 2019, Allika (16) interviews her mother, Tanager (40) on the subject of growing up in Maryland and Oklahoma during the ’80s and ’90s. Tanager shares funny and sad stories alike from her childhood all...