Kermit Sahney and Manny Cruz

Friends and coworkers Kermit Sahney (26) and Manny Cruz (31) reflect on their relationship with the Boys' Club of New York from their experience as youth members to current employees.

growing up and learning with the natural world

Kerissa Battle (42) an ecologist in the Catskills talks with a close family friend Leana Tishim (13) a student on Long Island about her childhood and the experiences and lessons learned. She also shares a few lessons about finding oneself...

Khin Oo and Ratree Ratdachot

Conversation partners Khin Oo (21) and Ratree Ratdachot (67) talk about Ratree's childhood in Thailand, moving to Queens and starting a business in Elmhurst, NY. They also discuss the importance of having an official Little Thailand in NYC and how...

Marsha Valentine, Melissa Valentine, and Melaina Valentine

Marsha (62) Valentine shares her experiences with daughters Melissa Valentine (33) and Melaina Valentine (27), from her childhood in Manhattan, New York to her decision to move her husband and family to Baltimore County, Maryland in 1989. Note: This recording...

Steve Sparr interview #2

Steve is growing up rather quickly and the world is turning faster than ever before. With the help of a special 2nd grade teacher he has skipped ahead in grades and has been exploring his strengths and interests. The 60s...

Daughter talks to mother about childhood.

Ziva Sklar, a twelve year old, asks her mother about what her childhood was like when she was 12.

Coming to America: An interview with my mom

This was a interview with my mom and her expericence before and after she came to America. It was located in flushing new york on november 25 2018.

Puwana Pragthuangsuk and Sopon Kosalanan

Sopon Kosalanan (43) พูดคุยกับเพื่อนและคู่ใจ, Puwana Pragthuangsuk (38), เกี่ยวกับโครงการชุมชนลิตเติ้ลไทยแลนด์ในนิวยอร์ก ธุรกิจร้านอาหารของพวกเขา และชุมชนชาวไทยในนิวยอร์ก. [Sopon Kosalanan (43) talks with his partner, Puwana Pragthuangsuk (38), about Little Thailand Way initiatives, their restaurants, and the Thai community in New York.]

Talkin with Tom

In this interview, my uncle and I discuss many things that have occurred in his life.

Bryan Chunton and Pei Shan Wei

Business partners Bryan Chunton [no age given] and Pei Shan Wei [no age given] talk about their path to opening their Isan restaurant on Little Thailand Way in Queens, New York. They talk about the lessons they learned from their...

Grandma’s Voice

I was 10 when my Grandma came to live with us. This is about her impact on me and my life.

My mom’s life

My mom had a very interesting childhood. This has made her the woman she is today.


This is my aunt Johan and, she is the best aunt in the world!

Juttana Rimreartwate and Steven Raga

Juttana "Moo" Rimreartwate (57) talks to his New York State Assemblymember Steven Raga [no age given] about the Little Thailand community in Queens. They talk about getting to know each other, the goals they have for their work, and their...

Hello Roy!!

This interview is about my friend – Roy. Everyone has a unique childhood, also including him. We talked about the memory of childhood, change of life, matter of family, etc. Moreover, this interview helped me know more about my friend....

Judy Weisman and Jack Rosenhammer

One Small Step conversation partners Jack Rosenhammer (33) and Judy Weisman (80) discuss their concerns about polarization, whether our democracy is at risk, and if they consider themselves "optimists."

“Game 7, 7 Questions”

Marissa and her Mom have a conversation while watching Game 7 of the World Series 2016 (during the commercials). The game went on for hours and went into extra innings. Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!