Media’s Journey

How media has changed in the eyes of KB! We discuss things in media we’ve grown up with and enjoy a conversation about the future of technology and media!

What Does Success Mean To You?

Interviewing my grandparents about their ideas of success and failure, and where these ideas came from.

Thoughts on social media development

During this interview we discussed how social media has effected Trent personally throughout his life.

Starting Fresh – David &a Jamie McEachin

Speaking with my father about his childhood with 9 siblings and Catholic parents, his time establishing his own identity, and our family and the future.

Tanisha Khare interviews Carol Tabaka about her teaching experience

This interview talks about Carol Tabaka’s teaching experience. It shows how she has grown to become a teacher and her feelings about teaching.

Talking with Dad

Basically just a sit down conversation talking about life and what it’s about.

Lexi interview

We talked about what Lexi's life was like growing up and how that's shaped her now.

The Pressures of American Culture
December 3, 2017 App Interview

Asking a Sudanese millennial about the pressure to conform to American culture.

Part 1- Retired Attorney Andy Cecere talks about his life and journey to Richmond

From a young age, Andy was motivated to create change. In this three part interview, Alison hears about his childhood, his time in the service, his path to Earlham and his life in Richmond. We also learn about those who...

“The whole Richmond community came together to save it!” -Roger, Theresa and Natalie share stories of their family and Richmond

In this interview, Natalie (Ripperger), Roger and Theresa Richert talk with Alison about starting in business early, how they managed to revitalize the Depot District with the help of the community, stories of local accomplishments, and why their family business...

Soul Craft Collective and the ideas behind it.

In this interview I sit down with my friends at Soul Craft Collective, a new multimedia company bridging independent artists to the Mass Resource.

Auntie's Technology Evolution

"How has communication and media technology evolved in your lifetime?" Interviewing my aunt about how technology and communication has evolved over the course of her life for my Mass communications 101 course.

Is Technology for the kids ?

A discussion about technology and how it affects children.

Me and my mom

We talked about her feelings.And I asked her questions

VCU: Then and Now

We talked about how the differences between VCU now and when my mom went to VCU