SA to USA: Rogan’s Immigration Story

Rogan and I discuss his immigration to the United States from South Africa in a time of social and political turmoil. Rogan explores how his privilege in coming to the United States shaped his ability to assimilate into American culture.

Mrs Louisa Margaret Ness Vloothuis

We spoke about my grans childhood, parents, marriage, work, regrets and memories

Grandpa M Interview

In this interview, the interviewee, Mike, talks about growing up in Sweet Home, Oregon and about traveling between the years 1974 and 1975.


We talked a lot about what life used to be like without technology and the old days.

Sage Gilbert interviews her grandma Rhona Gilbert for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Piedmont, California, Sage Gilbert (13) interviews her paternal grandmother, Rhona Gilbert (71), sharing stories from Rhona’s life all across the world.

South African immigrant.

I talked with my mom about her experiences coming from South Africa.

Interview with Perry

I mainly talked to Perry about his relationship with people around him and things that are important to him but I also talked to him a little bit about his childhood.

"It Was a Dangerous Time to be There": A Mother and Daughter Recall Living in South Africa During Apartheid

Kate Bergbauer and her mother Christabel Bergbauer sat down with Kate’s daughter, Gemma Strauss, to discuss living in Apartheid South Africa in the 1970s’ and witnessing the injustices that the people of color were facing.

The Merchant of Food

Interview with Harald Herrmann, CEO Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County. The story of a South African emigree who grew up in Anaheim to become one of the top restaurant executives in America and is now running Orange County’s largest...

Pam talks about life lessons and her calling.

Bella Roesler’s grandmother, Pamela Taunton, gives advice to teenagers. Pam talks about life in Catholic school and her artistic calling.

Pam Becoming An American

Pam is a naturalized American citizen. She was born in South Africa during Apartheid and emigrated to the U.S. with her husband and young children.

Susann muer interview

My mothers story about growing up in Germany and south Africa

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my father and we talked about his early childhood in Germany, his education, career, his travels through the world, and the places he lived in. I chose to interview my dad because I find his story very interesting.

Talking with my sister

Speaking on this issues of rascism and stereotypes along with the importance of traveling.