Growing up in Quebec as an American

Interviewing my mother, who moved to Quebec at 6 weeks old, and back the U.S. at 17 years old.

Kerry and Anne

Kerry and Anne talk about their experience as parents involved in Parents as Teachers home visiting.

"In spite of many bumps along the road, I feel blessed in many ways."

My Poppie, who grew up in the South, recalls events from his childhood, like memories of his suburban neighborhood, his grandfather’s farm, and the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Later, he summarizes his college years, how he...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Got to interview my mom for a project I'm doing! Happy late Thanksgiving and happy fall! (The photo was taken by my dad)

George Boniface and Helene Frankel

George Boniface [no age given] and Helene Frankel (73) tell their love story, growing from longtime friendship into something more on a camping trip in the Ozarks.

Childhood In The 80’s
December 10, 2018 App Interview

A discussion about what life was like growing up in the 80's. What family, friends, pets, and life was all about back in the day.

Lisa Dorner and Tiffany Robertson

Friends Lisa Dorner (51) and Tiffany Robertson (49) reflect on how race, gentrification, and police brutality have influenced their Shaw neighborhood community in St. Louis, Missouri.

After Shelter with Cathy Barancik

Cathy Barancik talks with Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Visitor Services Associate Courtney Paolicchi about quarantine and the hope of art while standing inside the art installation "SHELTER" by Derek Fordjour.

Rachel Ebeling and Sean Ebeling

Husband and wife Sean Ebeling (54) and Rachel Ebeling (53) tell their story together, Music at First Sight. They reflect on how music has tied them, their lives, and their family together through good times and bad.

Small Town to BIG WORLD
December 10, 2018 App Interview

Jennifer Roberts grew up in a small town and later discovered the big world with an open mind. She has been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles and has benefited greatly from it.

The Deschâtres Family Through The Eyes Of Jean Deschâtres: WWII And Beyond

Jean Octave Gabriel Deschâtres (business name: Jean Phillipe) begins by reflecting on his parents’ meeting and circumstances surrounding his birth in France. He moves on to outline a few of his father’s specific experiences during WWII, then discusses how those...

Dylan Fritz speaks to his great-grandmother about ancestry, memories, and the Roman Catholic Women Priest Movement.

This interview was conducted on the 4th of January, 2021 in St. Louis, MO. Dylan Fritz (16) interviews his great-grandmother Elsie McGrath (82) over the phone. Elsie talks about her ancestry, childhood, the effects of the 2020 pandemic on her,...


We talked CJ overview on life what’s important to it

Dave Scott and Keith Hardin

Keith Hardin (69) interviews his friend Dave Scott (74) about his career fighting wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service and about how the wildfires he fought inspired his book, "The Fury of the Beast."

We Do (Year Three)
March 2, 2019 App Interview

J.T. interviewed Gloria about the third year of their relationship and their recent wedding

"My mom died when I was 3, so I thought about what kind of parent would she want me to be…I had no clue. I had a preemie baby…"

Angela Rau, mom, national home visiting model trainer, curriculum author, virtual home visiting expert and disruptive innovator shares her Parents as Teachers story.

Kate Kemper and Martha Kemper

Mother and daughter Martha (60) and Kate Kemper (26) discuss Kate finding out she had a brain tumor, Kate graduating from school as an architect, traveling to Spain, and accessibility.