Kelsey Power and Darryl Charleston

Husband and wife Kelsey Power (43) and Darryl Charleston (59) discuss starting a business together, challenges of being business owners, building a community of farmers, and what their son is learning from their work.

Kim Mosby and Izhanae Delaine Lee

Kim Mosby (60) interviews her program participant Izahanae Douglas (39) about parenthood, dreams for their children, the impact the Jumpstart program has had on Izahanae’s life, overcoming adversity and the importance of family

James McNair and Stephanie Louie

James (24) and his sister, Stephanie (32), talk about their shared experience of Type 1 Diabetes. They talk about day to day life, summer camp (Camp EDI), and the future of the disease.

Kristin Wheeler and Antonio Kotoni

Kristin Wheeler (31) interviews her mentee Antonio Kotoni (23) about people who are important to him, his parents immigrating from Albania to Greece, immigrating to the United States at eleven years old, and adjusting to life in the United States.

Angela daSilva and Sylvia Sukop

Sylvia Sukop (62) interviews her friend and colleague Angela daSilva (68) about her work preserving Black history and culture in St. Louis and Missouri.

Roberta Hudlow and Jennifer Staed

Jennifer Staed (55) interviews her friend Roberta Hudlow (86) about her childhood, time as a teacher, religion, her relationship with God, values, and hopes for the future.

Thomas Finan and John Gaal

Long time friends and colleagues Thomas “Tom” Finan (71) and John Gaal (64) talk about the work they’ve done to change the culture in the construction industry, particularly striving to uplift DEI initiatives, bring awareness to mental health issues, and...

Opal Jones and Brenda Armour

Brenda Armour [no age given] speaks to her colleague Opal Jones [no age given] about working at Cooper House, a place to house and support people with HIV and AIDS.

Jaclyn Schwartz and Catherine Hoyt

Friends and coworkers Jaclyn Schwartz (36) and Catherine Hoyt (38) reflect on their experience as women in science, discussing some of the challenges they face as women in their field.

Steve Desroches and Donna Duffy

Steve Desroches (47) and Donna Duffy (72) talk about their shared alma mater Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and Duffy's experiences as a woman pursuing an education and career in the 1970s.

Mary DeLeonardis and Thomas Williams

Mary DeLeonardis (46) interviews her father Thomas Jay Williams Sr. (81) about his childhood memories, politics, Thomas’ decision to join the priesthood, enlisting in the Air Force, and how his life has changed since having his stroke six weeks ago.

Erin Osorio and Adriana Osorio

Adriana Osorio (35) and her wife Erin Osorio (36) discuss Adriana’s work with the community organization Food Outreach. Food Outreach provides meals to community members in need. They also discuss the importance of food family traditions, giving back, being members...

Jade [No Name Given] and Garance [No Name Given]

Sisters Jade [No Name Given] (22) and Garance [No Name Given] (23) discuss their future, the kindest person they know, family they are going to see, their favorite memories of each other, and memories from their time on a boat.

Roger Lewis and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [No Age Given] interviews conversation partner Roger Lewis (69) about the people who were most important to him including his parents and his fourth grade teacher. He also talks about his wife who stood by him through getting...

Anthony Taylor and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

Anthony Taylor (39) speaks with his partner [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (28) about childhood trauma, the death of his parents, his plans for the future, and life lessons he has learned.

Keith Mosier and Michael Lunter

Friends Keith Mosier (64) and Michael Lunter (65) discuss how they met, their work with people with AIDS, how they got involved with the community organization Food Outreach, their coming out stories, the AIDS epidemic and the legal protection that...

Daniel Ross and Jade Ross

Husband and wife Daniel (Dan) Ross [no age given] and Jade Sank Ross [no age given] share stories of how they became rabbis, when they first felt they were rabbis for real, how Dan transitioned from Hillel rabbi to Central...

Andrea Knarr and Eileen Baker

Friends Andrea Knarr (78) and Eileen Baker (78) discuss both being adopted, their biological parents, Eileen’s parents nearly adopting Andrea, their children, and their search for their biological family.

Ulysses Labilles and Manuela Velasquez

Conversation partners Manuela Velasquez (24) interviews Ulysses Labilles (61) about his immigration journey to the United States, his father’s impact on his life, dear of his family members, and the importance of his children in his life.

Xu, Fangfang and Bob Cass

Bob Cass (80) interviews his wife Xu, Fangfang [No Age Given] about her father Xu Beihong, widely known as the father of modern Chinese painting. They talk about politics in Mao's China and Fangfang’s life as a music student on...

Erika N. and Hugh Murray

One Small Step conversation partners Erika N. (66) and Hugh Murray (81) talk about LGBTQ+ issues, diversity in their lives and value sets, and their shared troubled feelings about lies being pervasive in the US.

Angela Zeng and Shira Smillie

Conversation partners Angela Zeng (50) tells Shira Smillie (27) about her relationship with nature and her Chinese heritage, describing how she combined her roots in traditional herbal medicine with her scientific training to create a line of wellness drinks called...