Michael Austin Cooper Interview

I met with Michael Austin Cooper to talk about his career and passions. Pictured above is the love of his life, Koda Bear Cooper.

Interview for College success final project

I interviewed my father today.I asked him about his life. It was fun.

Sophia Unterman, Steven Unterman, and Eva Unterman

Eva Unterman (89) talks with her son Steven Unterman (65) and granddaughter Sophia Unterman (32) about their Jewish heritage, family memories, and feeling at home in Tulsa.

life of a radio host
December 9, 2022 App Interview

interviewing my dad about his experience being a radio host.

David Gallagher and RJ Young

One Small Step conversation partners David Gallagher [No Age Given] and RJ Young (34) met for the first time virtually. In their conversation, they talk about their different experiences with guns and what the "truth" in media means. They also...

Rachel Runfola and Peter Luitwieler

Coworkers and One Small Step conversation partners Rachel Runfola (63) and Peter "Pete" Luitweiler (79) talk about their military service, their work serving veterans, and the development of their different religious and political views.

Senior Citizen
December 17, 2017 App Interview

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different changes she has gone through in her life.

StoryCorps Interview Project
November 28, 2022 App Interview

In this Interview, Charles Vaught talks about his experiences with his career path and the lessons, as well as accomplishments that he learned from his profession in Law. Mr. Vaught also explains how he chose his career path, the struggles...

Betty O'Connor and Milly Murphy

Betty O'Connor (64) interviews her mother, Milly Murphy (93), about her childhood, marriage to her husband, and her earliest memories from the 1930s in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Carlos pilo Godoy- Professional Soccer player and Athletics

Janeth Damian interview Carlos Pilo Godoy and he speaks about his experiences as a Professional Soccer Player.

"Fail Forward Fast." Ari Flowers & Mrs. Franklin's "Hair" Story.
December 8, 2022 App Interview

Ari Flowers conducts an interview with her entrepreneur mentor and relative at Saint Francis South Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The pair talk about Mrs. Franklin's past, business, and life lessons while also reflecting on the impact family has on each...

Marcel Joseph, Evelyn Joseph, and Chelsea Sheets

Chelsea Sheets (30) interviews her grandparents, Marcel Joseph (77) and Evelyn Joseph (73), about their life before they were called to ministry. Marcel and Evelyn reflect on their journey of faith and talk about raising children and being traveling ministers.

David Nadri and Behnaz Sadr

Spouses, David Nadri (57) and Behnaz Sadr (55), share the story of how they left their homes in Iran, moved to Turkey, and later settled in the United States due to religious persecution. They also talk about their daughter, Shadi,...