Rodney talked about what it was like imagrating from London England To America!

Ian Roberts

I chat with my lover about life and love and experience. He’s terrible with words and thinking on the spot so there’s a lot of pauses, but nonetheless a great conversation and learning experience

Civil rights in Washington State

First, segregation wasn’t as bad. Then, In the 1960’s protesting took place and people of a different race were not allowed to sit with whites and had a different bathrooms and water fountains. Next, in 1963 Martin Luther King, a...

Elizabeth McCormick on The assassination of John F. Kennedy
November 1, 2018 App Interview

Elizabeth McCormick’s story on the traumatic assassination of John F. Kennedy and how it affected her life.

Jennie and Chris

Two occupational therapists discussing why their profession is personally meaningful.

Moving to the United States – Lisette’s POV
December 1, 2015 App Interview

In this recording, I have interviewed my mother on the reasons why she decided to move to the United States and struggles that came with moving to a new country. My mother, my father and I are undocumented. In this,...

Ann O’Keefe graduated from college in the 1950s and went on to get her PhD. Wow! I wanted to find out more.

My sister-in-law Ann O'Keefe is now retired from a mostly D.C.-based career, primarily with federal agencies and the Pentagon, where she was involved with the beginnings of Head Start as well as with the start of the Dept of the...

The Deviant

From childhood in Arizona to teen years in Washington. This interview details some of my dad's vivid memories of growing up in the 70s as a latch key kid.

Bonus Opportunity

This was an interview mostly containing childhood memories and exciting adventures.

Thanksgiving Listen

We had a variety of topics; life lessons, to family, even to the past election.

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Nora

Philadelphia Trump Protest during Congressional Retreat Interviews for Women's Reproductive Rights. My friend, Nora McMahon, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer & was able to afford treatment because of the ACA. Nora tells us why she marches. For Nora, the repeal...

My mom, a first generation college student

Heidi Hartmann explains what it was like to be a First-Generation college student at Swarthmore College in the 1960s.

Mom's Memories of Mount St. Helens

Leslie Heffernan, (43) speaks with her mother, Judith Holter; (75) about her memories of the eruption of Mount St. Helens on the 40th anniversary of the eruption.

Richard Verver: A rich life interrupted by leukemia.

This is Richard's story of being diagnosed and treated for leukemia, going through a blood and marrow transplant, and life afterwards. Richard was a longtime volunteer at the University of Washington Medical Center Health Information Resource Center and UWMC Inpatient...