Stephen Nutik and Jessica Nutik Zitter

Jessica Nutik Zitter (48) interviews her father, Stephen Nutik (74), about his career as a neurosurgeon. Jessica asks him about what he's enjoyed most about his career, his experiences with interacting with patients, how he handles delivering bad news, and...

Reneé Ramcharitar and Aisha Scott

Reneé Ramcharitar talk with her friend and the sister of her boyfriend Aisha Scott about her experiences with depression and healing through love and spirituality, and her career change from teaching to seeking work as a counselor, and Aisha talks...

Kenji Oshima, Steve Lew, Prescott Chow, and Michelle Lin

MLin (23) talks to Kenji Oshima (54), Steve Lew (57), and Prescott Chow (age not given) about their community organizing experiences with the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance Community HIV Project (GCHP).

Gus Newport and Jason Webb

Gus Newport (82) talks with his long time friend Jason Webb (38) about how they first met and why they are so passionate about community organizing. Gus shares about his work at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Jason describes...

Van Martini and Phi-Hung "Phil" Nguyen

Van Martini (53) talks with her cousin Phil Nguyen (45) about how their family escaped Vietnam, their first experiences in the refugee camp, arriving in Connecticut and later California, and what being Vietnamese and American means to them.

Susanna Houland and Maya Scott-Chung

Maya Elena Scott-Chung (45) and Susie Hoblet (47), parents at Kaiser Elementary School, discuss the myth of the Ozzie and Harriet “traditional family” and Suzy’s experience growing up in Italy, France and traveling worldwide; the struggles of the sandwich generation,...

Juan Gutierrez and Linda Wilson

Juan Pablo Gutierrez and Linda G. Watson are friends and fellow artists. They talk about their experiences as artists in the 1980s, as well as their vivid experience in the 1986 San Francisco earthquake. Ultimately, they share how they are...

Laura Slattery and Alex Lyon

Laura Slattery (47) interviewed by Alex Lyon (28) about working for a homeless shelter and nonprofit called the Gubbio Project, growing up in Los Angeles, CA and attending Catholic school, her service in the Medical Service Corps in Hawaii, working...

Stephen Ristau and Jamie Smeland

Stephen Ristau, 57, tells colleague Jamie Smeland, 26, about the importance of libraries in his life, he and his wife’s decision to move to Portland in 2007, and his work in non-profit consulting.

Rochelle Spencer and Audrey Williams

Audrey T. Williams (42) talks with Rochelle Spencer (39) about being women of color sci-fi and surrealist writers. Rochelle and Audrey describe what draws them to sci-fi as a genre and about why they are fascinated by writing toward the...

Kalen Humphrey and Colleen Teitgen

Kalen Humphrey (13) and her mother Colleen Teitgen (47) describe evacuating their home and fleeing their car during the Sonoma County fires. They reflect on losing their home and belongings in the fires, but also discuss how their family, friendships,...

Makana Dudoit and Mia Ayau-paulos

Makana Dudoit (18) talks to her sister Mia Ayau-paulos (14) about her experience volunteering at a local community center during the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa. They discuss the impact of the fires on their community.

Richard Serdin and Lacey Tower

Richard Serdin (60) talks to his daughter Lacey Tower (16) about his narrow escape from the Sonoma County fires the night their home was destroyed. Richard describes seeing the remains of their house in the aftermath of the fire. They...

Kelechi Ubozoh and Jeneé Darden

Kelechi Ubozoh, 27, talks with Jeneé Darden, 33, about her abusive relationship she was in, her attempted suicide and battles with depression.

Fern Jackson, Etna Ross, Estella Taylor, and Wenefrett Watson

Fern Scott Jackson (65), Etna Laura Ross (74), Wenefrett Watson (91) and Estella Taylor (88) talk to one another about being wives and nurses in the Arlington Medical practice formed by black doctors (their husbands) to provide services to the...