Us history 9/11 story

I ask my dad questions about where he was and what he was doing when he heard about the terrorist attack on 9/11

AP Spanish Project

victoria told me about her self and what it’s like to live in spain

Who was my grandma?

Mom telling story to daughter about her grandmothers life

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Shirley Nguyen, Period 4

Shirley Nguyen interviews her aunt, Tram Nguyen (45), and finds out more about her.

“Be happy with what you have”

My has taught me to be happy in life. Happy with what you have. This interview talks about her parents. And what she has learned.

“Chase your dreams, education is the key to many other doors”

I interviewed my mom on her transition from a small town in Mexico to living in Chicago. We talked on her journey as an immigrant and her early years here in the states.

My Roots

Talking about overcoming challenges