The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I asked my parents a number of questions I felt were important to them, as well as for others listening. I hope that within their answers, there is useful advice.

Persia Gratitude Shreffler

I talked with my dad about many different topics. I love my dad because he is always there for me and has always supported me.

An interview with Nona

This is my mom, Anna. Mother of five kids (mostly grown), sister to six, and devoted wife. One of the strongest women I know, and does in one day what I accomplish in a week. My super mom!

Thanksgiving Interview; Joe Buchanan III

A conversation with my mom about her childhood and her children.

An Interview With My Aunt Marely

Marely has had a great childhood despite the hardships presented to her by the communism in her country of birth (Cuba) and has an interesting ancestry and great parents/grandparents, lots of fun memories, and a lot of experiences that have...

Social Studies Thanksgiving Packet

In this interview with my mom I mostly talked about her childhood and jobs.

Lily Pressman

An interview with studio artist Lily Pressman

Interview of former Marine Donald J. Dubas

We discussed his life as a marine, his family members that fought in Korea and Vietnam, his race riot experience, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his political opinions and affiliations during the 1950s and 1960s.