Carolyn recalls Jenny’s birth

at a campfire in late spring, Carolyn Holcomb recalls what it was like when she went into labor with her second child, Jenny (now Canada)

Becca Werginz and Janice Gutbrod

Janice Gutbrod (83) shares the story of adopting her daughter Linda, as well as how Linda was reunited with her birth mother, with her book club pal Becca Werginz (26).

Birth story

This is the story of my birth told by my father.

Maureen O’Malley Kirschner and Megan Medina

Friends Maureen O'Malley Kirschner (35) and Megan Medina (37) reflect on their experiences becoming mothers early in the COVID-19 pandemic and talk about the importance of supporting each other during the challenges early motherhood.

Get to know Odalis better

Basic questions about Odalis life, family and work.

Untraditional family

My family members are not all related by blood. This is one example of that.

Interviewing parents

I interviewed my mom about her past such as what was her proudest memories and how she wanted to be remembered

APUSH Final #2

Me and my grandfather discussed his life growing up, along with my dad as a child. Talking about university, marriage, divorce and lifestyle

Interview with my Mom: Maria Patricia Carmona Godinez

In this interview with my mother, she discusses her life story. In Spanish she touches upon how living in Mexico was, how her life had fallen apart and needed to rebuild it so that she could provide to het family.

Stevie Merino & Angela Marith

Stevie talks about the health disparities and racism she's faced and witnessed while working in the healthcare industry when it comes to giving birth and postpartum

How Evan was born.

How Brenda knew she was going to have Evan.

Jewelia Vasquez interviewing her mother, Priscilla, about her life and growing up.

In this interview taken in Corpus Christi, TX on May 24th, 2022, Priscilla answers questions about everything from her childhood to her current job and work. She talks about her experience growing up and remembers her amazing father who passed...

Una vida mejor para su hija

Janeth Ponce se vino a los 19 años después de quedar embarazada de su hija para una nueva vida para ambas. Ahora es habla de su viaje y proceso migratorio y como llegó a ser ciudadana americana.

U.S. History

Interview with a mother regarding her life.

Interview with Mom n Dad

In this interview I asked my mom and dad questions about them and their lives. During this interview, I learned a lot about my parents.