Education and Religion in a Southern Grandmother

I interviewed my granny about her childhood and how things such as the Civil Rights Movement and poverty affected her education and childhood to now.

thanksgiving interview with barbara hudson (my grandmother)

We talked about several different historical events and discussed her childhood and different events that took place during it. She talked about what it was liked for her to grow up, and we discussed the important historical events that took...

Watching James Meredith enter Ole Miss

I interviewed my Mimi about the Emmett Till case and when James Meredith entered Ole Miss. She was there for that moment in history.

Interview with me and my grandma(Raeshawn)

In this interview I ask my grandma questions about her life, stories about life in the sixties, etc.

“You can be a man of integrity and work at the county dump”

Bill Hicks talks about joining the Arlington County police department years after almost being killed by a police officer for attempting to help black voters in Georgia register to vote during the civil rights movement summer of 1967.

Jerri Dillon talks about her teen and early adult years during the 50s, 60s, and 70s

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Oklahoma, Jessie Keogh (17) interviews her grandmother Jerri Dillon about her teenage and early adult years during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Jerri shares her experiences in grade school and her social...

Interviewing my grandpa

In this interview I talked with my grandpa we talked about what his life was like growing up and what his life was like when he joined the military. During this interview I learned a lot of things that I...

Mema Interview

My grandmother, Lynne Rosenfield, told me about her experience as a professional artist and her experience on the Panel of American Women that fought against segregation in Mississippi.

Living History Project Interview with Lauren Olsen and Martha Cackowski

We discussed what it was like growing up in southern North Carolina during the Civil Rights Movement.

Granny and me

My grandmother who is 72 year olds now lived through the civil rights movement and she reflects a lot on how hard it was to become a successful black woman as she faced such hardship.

Thanksgiving with Mimi

A story of my grandmother’s amazing life in many different places in the U.S. living with a big family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Carmen talks about her childhood in Mexico and her journey to California. She also talks about historical events that she remembers.

Amaryllis Rieck and Fred Edward

Fred Edward (82) shares about his life with his friend Amaryllis Rieck (48). Fred talks about his experience in the Air Force during the Vietnam and Korean War, draws parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the current Black Lives...

Interview with katheryn Fong

Kathryn speaks about growing up as the daughter of Chinese immigrants as well as her involvement in multiple non-profit and civil rights organizations.

Family Interview about Desegregation

Conversation with grandmother about the integration of elementary school

Robert DeGraaff Interview

My grandfather, Robert Degraaff, talked about his upbringing, his school experiences, and his career as an English professor.

Interviewing Barbara Levine, my amazing grandmother!

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and how she wants to affect the world. I generated an understanding of how our major family tradition is to to good in the world.