"It never occurred to me to work in science communication" an interview with Laurie Cantillo

Laurie Cantillo, the Deputy Director of Communications and Education at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talks about her journey to become a science communicator. She developed an interest in science at an early age spending time in the outdoors with her...

Growing Up in Rural Oklahoma

Growing up with little to no media in a small midwestern town.

We don’t communicate like we used to

We talked about the way society has changed because of phones. As well as how my moms life has changed

Alyssa Chase and Briana Phillips

One Small Step partners Alyssa Chase (29) and Briana Philips (28) discuss their families, their values, and Christianity.

Experience that influenced your thoughts about communication

Laura talked about having a complication during surgery which changed the way she communicates

Communication as a Global Tool

Natasha is a student in the Moody College of Communication. Her dream is to connect people all around the world through television and film.

Hope Churchill and Mary Hanley Interview- COMM240

Hope Churchill: 2022-02-26 22:28:51 Hope Churchill (18) talks with her grandmother, Mary Hanley (72) about how communication has changed.

How Communication has Impacted Amy Rawson

We talked about communication and how it has changed for her over the years.

Laura Hall and Susan Hall

Laura Hall (21) interviews her mother, Susan Hall (59) about how communication has changed over the course of her life.

Nick’s Dad Talks About Social Media and Telephones

We kinda just rambled for nearly 20 minutes, but I think we made some good points.

How has communication changed?

An interview between my mother and I about how communication has changed in her life time.

Reminiscing Car Ride to Campus

Two friends from college talk about their experiences so far and about what comes after the end of senior year.

The Most Meaningful Moments

I quiz my girlfriend on the most meaningful moments our relationship has had to offer. How these moments have had implications in Destinee’s life. Toward the end comes a short reflection on the meaning of family.

"Communication is our responsibility." an interview with Jay Famiglietti

James Famiglietti, hydrologist and Director of the Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, discusses his work with NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experience (GRACE) and the evolution of technology throughout his career including its impact on water security....

Scott Nelsen and Kristie Nelsen

Spouses Scott Nelson (55) and Kristie Nelson (47) discuss his time in the Air Force. Scott started as an Air Force musician and later became an air communications specialist.

Lang 120

Interview on a story that changed a classmates life

The multiplicity of means of communication.

We have experienced how people around the world feel lonely but at the same time they don't due to the interaction that have been happening in our daily life due to covid-19. We also learned that we can easily meet...

Kelly Quiroz and Josh Carver

Kelly Quiroz (59) and her son Josh Carver (23) remember Josh's father Denise.

Aubrey Landis and Frederick Wilson – Communication

Aubrey Landis: 2021-10-12 19:05:07 Aubrey Landis talks with her soon to be Father-In-Law, Fred Wilson (50) about communication and how it has changed in his lifetime.

Dominque Robbins and Rockie Sanders

Dominique Robbins (32) and his husband Rockie Sanders (61) discuss their love story, coming out as gay, and Dominique’s work in the music industry.