JP Leary and Sapatis Menomin

JP Leary (51) speaks with his former student and mentee Sapatis Menomin (34) about their shared time at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. JP talks about his work at the First Nations Studies Center and Sapatis talks about his work on...

Ava McCollum Interviewing Lucy Hwang about her experience with elders

Ava 0:00 Hi my name is Ava McCollum and today, Friday, September 10th, I'm interviewing Lucy, about her experiences with elders. So now, I'm going to start asking questions. What has been your experience working or engaging with elders? Lucy...

Farts are still funny when you’re old

Gaby, Glenn and Eva tell one of the funniest stories they can remember.

Stellan Knowles and LaCretia Springer

Stellan Knowles (21) speaks with his grandmother LaCretia Springer (76) about her childhood, the challenges of her life, and her hopes for future generations of LGBTQ+ youth and the significance of their relationship.

The Big E

Earl, (77) and his grand daughter Addie, (12) sit down and have a meaningful conversation to get to know "Epa" better.


I talk to my partner about her adult and child hood.

Queer Dialogue (Dana)

An interview of Dana Vinicoff to be preserved for the years to come.

Joey Kane and Storey Squires

A volunteer turned employee reflects on his time at The Mount since he was a baby and why this is a place of friendship and love for him.

Johnnie Diacon and Nikki Stephens Diacon

Nikki Stephens Diacon (53) interviews her husband, Johnnie Diacon (59), about his childhood, his art, and his connection to Muscogee culture. They also discuss their family's future, remember their two daughters who have passed away, and share their love for...

"I did it for my Uncle, he got blown off a ship"

A discussion with a VET who joined the navy at age 19 after his Uncle was killed.

"Don't let indecision be your decision"!- Eileen Litke

Eileen is a vibrant woman who continues to live her life to the fullest without any fear of her age!

Richard Ha and Alexey Katko

Friends Richard Ha (77) and Alexey Katko (35) discuss Richard's life and his time as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

80 Years of Life with Patricia Bailey

I, Charley Ryann Shannon age 14, the interviewer, am interviewing my great grandmother, Patricia Ann Bailey age 80, about her life and what it was like growing up in the times she did.

A Window Into the Thoughts of Renesha Walton

In this interview my mother and I talk about her childhood years as well as an important person in her life who’s lived through five generations. It’s a comedic interview, with very real answers.

Douglas O'Neill and Susan Czyrny

Douglas "Doug" O'Neill [no age given] and One Small Step partner, Susan Czyrny [no age given] discuss political values, their respective degrees in Sociology and Creative Studies, and their function within their career, mental health, importance of education and elders...

Patricia Caulton and Yvonne Walton

Friends Patricia Caulton (70) and Yvonne Walton (71) share life lessons and talk about their friendship, their community, and their connection to God.

Respect the Yapese Elders

Uncle Ramon was sharing how importance of teaching respect to our elders. He encouraged me to pass this on to our new generation. It would be nice to encourage our school system to have it in the classroom as part...

Ann's House and the Story of Grandma's Pies

Ann Colbert lives at 601 So. Woodlawn the same house that she visited as a young girl traveling from Paoli, IN to visit her grand parents in Bloomington Indiana. Let's listen as Ann recall her determination to buy her grand...

Sue Katz and Bren Cole

Friends Sue Katz (73) and Bren Cole (36) share a conversation about their friendship, about how they first met, and about the differences of their experiences coming out and navigating their identities given their difference in age.

Sophia Holstrom and David Turney

Sophia Holstrom (24) interviews her grandfather David "Napos" Turney (69) about his work teaching Menominee history, culture, and language. Napos talks about teaching at University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (UWGB) and Sophia talks about later attending UWGB as a...

Similarities between the United States and Chinese culture.

My name is Matthew Beussman and in this interview I talk with Wei Li who is 50 years old. In this interview, we talked about our cultures and more specifically about our childhood, schooling, different characteristics about our cultures, and...

Humble granny talks with interested granddaughter.

This interview takes place in November 2022 in Flint, Mi , Tori Hopkins (15) interviews her grandmother Ora Taylor (81) about her childhood. Ms. Taylor shares stories about 9/11, retiring and life after highschool. She also talks about different jobs...

Ashley Jardin and JP Ramirez

Ashley & JP have a conversation about the Aloha spirit, people of Hawaii, and what it means to "talk story" sharing ourselves, the importance of honoring a people's culture with respect, living our values, being in good company with each...