Growing up in the South: Interview with Joanne Taylor (King) part 1

Joanne talks about growing up in the King family near Danville, KY in the 1940s and 50s. She covers sharecropping, tobacco farming, farm life, valuable lessons, hard work, and good and bad times in the process.

Rep provisions

Learning more about the upcoming desire for naturally raise and regenerative produce in the pantry of consumers.

Joyce Ice and Ronald Latimer

Husband and wife, Ronald "Ron" Latimer (75) and Joyce Ice (71), share stories from each of their family's histories, reflecting on traditions, memories from childhood, and education.

Marguerite Wagner and Doris Bice

Doris Bice (99) speaks with her daughter Marguerite Wagner (58) about being born and raised in a farming family and living in her Fort Collins home for almost a century.

Glen Woodyatt talking about his Property on the Mountain in Willard.

Visit with Grandpa Glen Woodyatt on our way home from Salt Lake. He was just moved out of Maple Springs into The Gables. He walked us out the front door with no assistance and got us all Ice Cream from...

Laura Cattani and Jack Thomson

Laura Cattani (38) talks with her grandfather Jack G. Thomson (97) about his long life as a farmworker in the Central Valley of California. Jack recounts joining the Navy, meeting his wife, and starting a rice co-op in a nearby...

Jay Price and Jacob Dailey

One Small Step partners Jay Price (53) and Jacob Dailey (27) discuss what people misunderstand about farming and farmers, and the difficulty of navigating various political views within their own families.

Jenn Collins and Brad Barnes

Spouses Jenn Collins (48) and Brad Barnes (51) sit down for a conversation about their lifestyle as small scale farmers. They discuss their simple living ethos and their favorite parts of farming, as well as the importance of community gardens...


Ken Snyder is a seventh generation Saugertiesian farmer. The evolution of a farm over 250 years in Saugerties. The Snyders arrived in Saugerties around 1750 and have grown a succession of crops on the family farm. Woodstock 94 used part...

Interview of Radford Tidwell, Upbringing & Childhood

Radford Tidwell, born October 10, 1933 on a farm in rural Alabama. Interviewed by his son Ken Tidwell on February 6, 2023. This is the story of his upbringing and military service.

Kerry MacLane and Laurel Sears

Laurel Sears (38) interviews her father, Kerry MacLane (64), about his childhood, his cross-country adventures, his life in Montana, and their family's organic farm. They also discuss Laurel's upbringing and look back on shared memories of one another.

Aisha Fayne and Charlie Granberry

Aisha Fayne: 2021-11-27 17:54:14 Aisha Fayne (43) talks with grandmother Charlie Granberry (80 something) about the Fitzhugh family legacy, including Bird's Eye frozen foods and a letter to President Roosevelt.

An Interview With My Great Grandfather Charles Moye.

We discussed how it was for a boy to grow up in the 1920s and his work life at a young age. He told about how he did not get much education and how he did not have much growing...

Chuck McAfee and Tiffany Gray

One Small Step partners Tiffany Gray (43) and Chuck McAfee (81) share a conversation about their backgrounds and political beliefs. They also talk about friends they have in common and their families homesteading in the region.