Thanksgiving- Food and Agricultural History

Jared Taylor interview with mom, Deborah Taylor about food and agricultural history on Thanksgiving morning

Lucky to be a blue.

A conversation with my wonderful "Nanny B" (grandmother) about her relationship with my granddad, Jerry Blue. Silly memories and meaningful life lessons from very wise woman that took place on a lovely Friday afternoon. We discuss the impact of growing...

My grandmas story of growing up and present day Pt 2

In this interview, in interview my Grandma on my dads side, Linda Geppert, in Kansas City MO. In this interview we talk alot about how my grandma grew up. We also talked alot about how she views modern society differently...


Richard Shannon(82) talks with his granddaughter, Erin Shannon(16) about what life was like living in the country in the 1940's nad 50's. He talks about going to school in a small country schoolhouse without power, to which he rode horse...

Starting Off Right

Brady Ashton shares about his childhood influences and career goals, and how those experiences coupled with life's twists and turns helped prepare him to be a driven, present Social Studies teacher.

Jim Keller and Brandon Tschacher

Interview with Jim Keller, father in law.

Clyde Waldron and Anne Riggsby

Anne Riggsby (60) interviews her father, Korean War veteran, Clyde Waldron (83) about his experiences growing up in South Georgia, becoming a paratrooper, a Union Auto plant representative, a Builder, father and husband.

History of Vermont

An interview about life growing up in Vermont and what it was like as a farmer.

Episode 5: The Art of Baking with Landrace Grains

Join us for a conversation with baker and farmer Bram Yoffie from Amity, OR and Shaun Duffy from The Grain Shed in Spokane, WA. Both are distinguished bakers and are excited to share the intricacies, joys and challenges of bread...

John Hutchinson and Kate Wofford

Friends and colleagues John Hutchinson (58) and Kate Wofford (45) share a conversation on their careers as conservationists, the milestones they've achieved, and the work that's up ahead.

The Countryside

I interviewed my Aunt Phuong. She talked about her life story. We had a conversation on playing house as a child, a friendship turning into a happy marriage, and going through some tough times. My Aunt Phuong told me things...

Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr.

In this interview my grandfather Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr. talks about his childhood and teenage years in Bakersfield, CA through his family, young love and life experiences.

Thanksgiving interview with my grandpa

This interview was of my grandfather to learn more about his childhood and life and to share the experiences he's been through.

Interview With Grandma!

She takes about how her childhood was and what she went through and the things that she went through.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Gabby Cruz

Gabby tells us about how she was born and raised in Guapamacataro, Maravatio, Michoacan, Mexico, and how she is caretaker with her husband and daughter at the Center for Arts and Ecology. Gabby is also an organic strawberry farmer and...

Gwen Benner interview of Margaret Sohm about her life growing up in rural Iowa in the 60's.

Gwen Benner: 2020-08-25 20:51:30 Gwen Benner talks with Margaret Sohm about her memories of life in rural Iowa and growing up from an adolescent to a young bride in college.

Doretha Shipman and Louie Stoops

Doretha D. Shipman (89) talks with her grandson, Louie Stoops (47), about growing up and farming on the banks of the Buffalo River. Today LS works for the NPS at Buffalo River.

“One day this will all be yours”

Today I interviewed my mother Linda Edwards to learn more about here childhood and how her farm days were. Stay tuned to learn some history of her farm and land experience.

Interviewing my mom

Talking to my mom about her experience farming.