Rachel Wilcox

This interview was about suicide and how it’s affected my friend and I’s life.

Suicide/Depression w/ Gabriel Granados

Another fellow student of the school district has volunteered to take part of the interview and upon his thought son suicide and depression

Dead As Doornails

James found an old air-mail letter about his mother’s half-sister’s fall over a cliff in Dorset...

Joseph "Joe" Akoben and Alan Holcomb

Friends Joseph "Joe" Akoben (40) and Alan Holcomb (45) talk about their friendship, their time together playing in band, and their philosophies about life. They also sing two original songs that they wrote.

I Overcame the Loss of My Friend

We talked about how it was for Marcos and his friend growing up in their old neighborhood and leading up to his friend's suicide and how life became after it.

A bit about my parents

In this interview, I decided to interview my mom and dad and learn more about them and their childhood and their personal wants. In this interview we talk about death, suicide, openness to religion, abusive parents, self love, racism, and...

Freer Interview

Shawnda Freer talks about grief after the loss of her daughter #Freerlife

Emily Simon and Rachel Muirhead

One Small Step conversation partners Emily Simon (27) and Rachel Muirhead (25) discuss how they got to Newman University, their Catholic faith, travel, and the people who have most impacted their lives.

Sam Rogers and Danielle Rogers

Sam Rogers (34) talks with his wife, Danielle "Dani" Rogers (33), about why he joined the Army, his three tours of Afghanistan, and life as a civilian.

Thoughts on God with my Mom

We talked about god and Catholicism. I asked what were her thoughts on certain Catholic views.

“Fuck My Mental Health, Right?”

This is an interview that discusses a suicide attempt of a young 18 year old female.

Danna’s Story

this is Danna Woodward talking about two important parts in her life.

Brandyn Martinez Interviews his Mom(Shelly Griffith) under multiple questions

We talked mostly about how my mom was and where she was from. We also talked about some memories about me and how I was like growing up. Finally we talked about one of the most difficult times for her...

Henrietta Andrews and Edward Hall

Colleagues, Edward "Ed" Hall (57) and Henrietta Stiff Andrews (76), talk about Henrietta's life journey from an eight year old who contemplated suicide, to a young woman studying violin in South Dakota, and now, in her retirement, being on the...

Suicide Interview with fellow student John Buchanan

A fellow student of Polyu High School has given his thoughts upon suicide/depression.

Maria and Anthony Bristow share their story on how they cope with their son's suicide.

I interviewed Maria and Anthony Bristow to learn how they have coped with their son’s death. During the interview, we discussed how they felt about guns and gun regulations after their son’s suicide.

I love my mom

Me and my mom talk through some topics that are deeper than usual

Laney McMillen and Michelle Emmitt -mom and daughter

A daughter interviews her mother for what seemed like a boring class project, but turned out to be quite the learning experience after all.


This is a story from my grandmother who speaks about the suicide and life of her second child and eldest son Jesse Junior Gardner lll