Jocelyn Winn and Ollie Winn

Sisters Jocelyn Winn (41) and Ollie Winn (39) discuss defining moments in their lives and how they learned to make positive changes in their lives.

Year 4 – Me, You, and the Lou

We've been married for a full year. What went through your head through it all?

Maren Bernier and Kristina Halmai-Gillan

Maren Bernier (22) shares the experience of living as a foster youth with co-worker, Kristina Halmai-Gillan (42). Maren describes the experience of a group home setting, foster parent pairings, creative growth as an artist within a Y-supported program, and plans...

What it was like for Monty growing up

My brother monty opens up to me about some of his memories as a child.

The Effect of Media on People during the Pandemic, speaking with a Psychotherapist

Today, I got the chance to speak with my aunt, Dr. Karen Kaiser, a psychotherapist of 34 years about the effects media has on people in general and especially during a pandemic. She gives advice on how to keep your...

Mom Part 1 (sibling #15)

For my first interview I spoke with my mom primarily about how she is keeping herself busy during the quarantine. She also talked extensively about the impact of God in times like these.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.


Hand therapists are occupational therapists who, through cutting edge instruction and study, have some expertise in the assessment and treatment of the hands just as the furthest points. A talented hand therapist will utilize an assortment of educated restorative mediations...

Kelli Watson and Julianne Coyne

Kelli Watson (52) talks with her friend and colleague, Julianne Coyne (30), about processing her depression through art and other ways her life has positively changed since her diagnosis.

Alena Rogers and Raj Kumar

Alena Rogers (39) tells Raj Kumar (37) about her past challenges with homelessness and substance abuse, and how Raj leasing her an apartment helped (in part) get her back on her feet.

Noelle Kempton and Jennifer Kempton

Sisters-in-law Noelle Kempton (38) and Jennifer Kempton (34) share with each other their experiences of pain, both emotionally and physically. Jennifer talks about her chronic illness and its limitations on her life, and Noelle shares about being a military spouse...

Tricialee Friedman and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Tricialee Friedman (31) talks with her new friend Ava Ahmadbeigi (26) about her family history and personal history with depression and trauma. They talk about the lore surrounding her father's alleged death or disappearance and how that has influenced her...

Growing up with a mental disorder

My interviewee and I talked about what it was like growing up with a mental disorder and how she got through the tough times . The interview was conducted on December 6th, 2020 . My interviewee is a happily married...

Passion for Teaching, Compassion for Students

In this interview, I spoke with musical therapist, Jocelyn Fish, about her experiences in her work and her passion for teaching.