Interview, by Hana

I ​Interview ​Ms. ​Nami. ​Reason ​why ​I ​interview ​her ​because, ​I ​am ​interested ​by ​her. ​She is ​dancer ​and ​she ​is ​teaches ​Performing ​Art ​to ​many ​grades. ​She ​is ​ballet ​teacher ​but also ​she ​is ​telling ​performing ​art. ​Ms.Nami ​really...

Tiffani interviews Sue

Talking about her life so far.

Interviewing Aaryn about her dance life!

Aaryn is a fantastic dancer she started when she was three and she has dedicated part of her life to it!

2019 Artist Stories – Laura Blake

In this interview Kathryn Harden interviews Laura Blake. They discuss her life and career in dance, what it was like to get started as an adult, how her artistry has progressed over time and some of her major influences and...

Hannah and Mr. Truong

Hannah and Mr. Truong have a conversation at the end of Hannah's junior year of high school.

2018 Artist Stories – Jesus Rodales

Dance Wire Founder Emily Running talks with Jesus Rodales about his life and career in dance.

Pam Interview

Asking my godmother about her life

Tisa Batchelder & Gregg Ostrom

A conversation between partners and musical collaborators Gregg Ostrom and Tisa Batchelder, who met many years ago at the Old Town School, where they work. They share memories of their first encounters with the school, of their long courtship, and...

Vic Perkins talks about his life in Bynum, Montana

Vic talks about life on a ranch in Bynum, Montana near Choteau and shares an interesting story of serving in the army and participating in the Ole Miss riot of 1962 reflecting on the event, "it changed can you...

Barb Silverman & Jess McIntosh

Old Town School teachers Barb Silverman and Jess McIntosh talk about teaching at the school, experiences as women in a male-dominated music community, and reflections on their friendship over the years. Barb is a clogger and multi-instrumentalist who performs in...

Artist Stories -Kathryn Harden

Dance Wire Founder/Director Emily Running sits down with STEPS PDX Founder/Director Kathryn Harden to discuss her life and career in dance. Topics include the various aspects of dance she fell in love with and how they changed over time as...

Dance teacher Karen Pariseau on a life of dance.

Karen Pariseau, the owner of Bedford Dance Center in Bedford, New Hampshire, is interviewed by Katie Mailly, a BDC student, on Karen's life with dance.

Remembering Now

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Layla McIntosh (16) asks her mom, Jennifer McIntosh (43), about her life as a child and her struggles and what she gained. Layla learns that her mother was,...

A Master of Music

Jim Cunningham, Born 1933 is a man of many professions. When Lucas Grey joined by his Uncle Jim Cunningham sat down at a piano for an interview. Jim Cunningham grew up in the small town of Belpre Ohio, and was...

Madilyn interviews Miss Connie

Madilyn interviews Miss Connie. Asks her questions about 60th year of owning a dance studio.

Interview with 2018 Dance Wire Ambassador Alexander Dones

An interview with 2018 Dance Wire Ambassador Alexander Dones. Alexander shares insights about his life in dance and experiences as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in Portland, Detroit, and New York.

Interview With Chandler

Today I talked to Chandler about her main hobby,dance.

Artist Stories – Victoria White

Meet Oregon Irish Dance Academy co-founder and owner Victoria White. At only 22 years old Victoria is already a highly accomplished competitive Irish dancer, performer, teacher, and business owner. Irish dance is her passion, her work, her hobby, her exercise,...