Andrea Cuadra and Pablo Cuadra

In this interview I ask my dad, a seeker of adventures, to reflect on his life. He shares stories from growing up in Nicaragua in the 60s, working for the government in the 80s, and starting a business from scratch....

Gilbert and his mom talk about her life in a town in Mexico

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Anaheim, California, Gilbert (14) interviews his mom Cristina (40) about her how was to live in a town in Mexico and her life experiences.

Emma Golden & Carol Salinsky

Emma Golden (18) & her grandmother Carol Salinksy (73) talking about life & family

Emily Pierce interviews her mother Karen Pierce

Emily Pierce (daughter) interviews her mother (Karen Pierce) In their small house on a cold november 28th in there living room.Karen Pierce is a loving mother of 4 kids, two daughters (Emily Pierce, Elizabeth Loverencic) And two sons (Robert Pierce,...