How the out of high school life is going for my good friend Hunter.

I ask my friend several questions about his college experience and as well as his passion for music

First Time Catch Results in Excitement, and Important Lessons

Zach recalls catching his first big male and female anadromous fish and learns the importance of respecting the resource.

Flying Farmers

Ralph Breding grew up in rural Idaho and, with his family, farmed land that his German grandparents homesteaded in 1912. Ralph’s daughter, Lesa, interviews him about the intersection of farming and flying airplanes beginning with his parents, Gilbert and Gertrude...

Marie Gregg and Jordin West

Marie Gregg (36) and Jordin West (33), classmates in ICS510: Mission, Context, and Ecclesial Life at Nazarene Theological Seminary. A practice interview for the final ethnographic project.

Curtis at 104

Curtis is 104 years old and we talked about his childhood, his life as a young man, and his career as one of the first California Highway Patrol Officers

Thanksgiving Listen- Yost 6th hour

My dad and I talk about his childhood and past generations.

Kay Miller Temple and David Schmitz

Colleagues Kay Miller Temple (66) and David Schmitz (53) talk about the Targeted Rural Health Project and discuss how health equity is being improved in rural areas.

Stories of Grandpa Dalton

“Do whatever comes along”—Frederick William Dalton. We talk about Helen’s grandfather Dalton; Idahoan, college graduate, socialist, and farmer.

The Evolution of the Mountain Man: Episode 3 of 3

The last of three podcasts that aims to look at the American mountain men of the fur trade and their lasting impact on the town of Jackson Hole and the American West as a whole. This episode still has interviews...

Kathy Corless and Len Corless

Spouses Kathy Corless (49) and Len Corless (53) discuss their unexpected love story and reflect on parenthood.

Elizabeth Thomson and Thomas Heberlein talk about Neopit USFS recreational residence cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho

Thomas Heberlein interviewed his wife Elizabeth Thomson about her family's summer cabin on Forest Service land at Priest Lake. They were awarded one of the last permits at Priest Lake in the late 1950s . Betty talked about the summer...

Christina Bruce-Bennion and Judith Bennion

Judith Bennion (78) and her daughter-in-law Christina Bruce-Bennion (51) speak about their love and appreciation for each other, their many adventures, and what makes their relationship so special.

Hank Jones told his grandson Kyle, "Priest Lake has got a charisma I can't explain."

Kyle Jones interviewed his grandfather Hank Jones last summer for Priest Lake StoryCorps. Hank first came to lake in 1954 and worked with the Priest Lake Timber Protective Association. He recalled courting Charlotte Roberts, Leonard Paul’s granddaughter, and their honeymoon...