Grandma (and Grandpa Braegger)

Interview of grandma and our family history and memories with some additional comments from grandpa

Raece Oakeson

A friend going through rough times and what needs to be changed/ learned from self harm

Mia and Dad!!

My father (Stan Noble) talks about life in Seattle and Idaho in the 70’s and 80’s. He describes dumb decisions he made as a toddler, teenager, and adult (lol). *very emotional* CAUTION- be warned of tears. Try not to cry...

Leonardo Sanchez & Salvador Sanchez

A son talks to his dad about his life, how he came to be. How he got his job to today’s daily life.

Gourmet Salmon Dinner — only 3 minutes from the water

Jeremy tells a story of how fresh his mom preferred Salmon, and the delicious results


We talked about the life of my father and his journey from childhood into adulthood. We discussed his ups and downs throughout his life, and touched on the people that helped shape him.

Hank Jones told his grandson Kyle, "Priest Lake has got a charisma I can't explain."

Kyle Jones interviewed his grandfather Hank Jones last summer for Priest Lake StoryCorps. Hank first came to lake in 1954 and worked with the Priest Lake Timber Protective Association. He recalled courting Charlotte Roberts, Leonard Paul’s granddaughter, and their honeymoon...

Mother Son Interview

Me, Sam Meyer interviewed my mother, Lindsey Meyer. We talked about her life and how it revolves around me being happy. She cried and laughed, it lasted about 25 minutes.

Having A Chat With My One Act Director

Jill Roberts is a 29 year old mother with 2 children. Kate Heidlebaugh is a 17 year old high school student. Both of these two people grew up with different religions and beliefs. One of the major things that connects...

Short Stories from Lavern Tomchak

Stealing pies, working to damn much, and the affection she had for her Grandmother, “Grandma T” recounts stories of growing up the good times, and the bad.

Mason and phyllips interview

Phyllip getting a bird and his experiances with this bird

Father-son steelhead interview

My father and I talk about one of our favorite fishing memories- catching a wild Idaho steelhead, as well as other fishing-related stories.