Olga Ryrakhovsky and Helen Chervitz

Helen Chervitz [no age given] shares a conversation with her daughter Olga Ryrahkovsky (32) about motherhood, Olga's childhood, and some of the life lessons they've learned from one another.

Halyna Diatlyk and Anna Sus

Anna Sus (35) interviews her mother, Halyna Diatlyk (67), about growing up in Ukraine, her school and work, and coming to the United States.

Nazik Messerlian’s interview
September 6, 2023 App Interview

Nazik Messerlian (90) interviewed by grandson Gregory (17) on her life experiences. They discuss life’s challenges and the importance of it all.

Big city to a small town

Yuriy Lyeshchenko (39) talks to his daughter, Natalya Lyeshchenko (13) about his childhood in Ukraine and how he immigrated to Kansas.

Interview with my mother about experiences growing up in the Soviet Union

I interviewed my mother, who is a Ukrainian immigrant from the Soviet Union. Topics discussed included her experience transitioning to American life and Soviet culture

Soviet Era, Storycorps

I interviewed my grandma about life in the Soviet Union, and talked about how the government that claimed progress and greatness, had some of the most downfalls.

Celebrating the Holidays with Tradition

Here we discussed some Ukrainian traditions that have been celebrated for generations and why that is so important to our family.

Susan Kraft and Michael Kraft

Susan Kraft (59) and her brother, Michael Kraft (62), share a conversation about their family history, their parents' relationship, and the love with which they were raised.

Loreanne Cowan and Jim Brumfield

Loreanne Cowan (51) and One Small Step partner, Jim Brumfield (75), exchange personal experiences and how it overlaps with larger global events.

Keith Jemison and Maybelle Wallace

Keith Jemison (64) shares a conversation with his dear friend Maybelle Wallace (92) about the history of Black Wall Street, including the Tulsa Massacre, as well as the continued importance of the Greenwood community and the power of love to...

Evacuating from Ukraine – June 1941
November 9, 2020 App Interview

Memory of the evacuation from Ukraine during the start of WW2.

Cesar Briones and Manuela Velasquez

Conversation partners Cesar Briones (35) and Manuela Velasquez (23) discuss answers to the question, “What is home?”

Katya Mischenko and Lida Nedilsky

Katya Mischenko (46) has a conversation with fellow Ukrainian community member Lida Nedilsky (51) about Ukrainian culture and roots, and how their community has navigated the ongoing pandemic.

Family History Interview

My mother grew up in tree Soviet Union and escaped discrimination and prejudice against the Jewish people by immigrating to the United States. My mother worked hard to get a higher education despite not knowing a single word of English....

Thanksgiving interview

Our family traditions, and our favorite memories and times we celebrated together.

Tatyana Kobzar, Harriet Weber, and Nancy Warner

Friends and colleagues, Harriet Weber (65) and Nancy Warner (70) interview Tatyana Kobzar [no age given] about her journey to the United States from Ukraine. They also talk about family and Christianity.

American Dream Interview with Mrs. Ann Craven

We talked about her grandparents who came from Ukraine and their version of the American Dream and how it shaped Mrs. Craven

Ruth Moss-Katsnelson and Julie Katsnelson

Julie Katsnelson (22) and her mother Ruth Moss-Katsnelson (65) talk about their genealogy and how their family came to Chicago. They also give advice to future generations of their family.

Alexys Hillman and Bryan Seifstein

Friends and colleagues, Alexys Hillman (36) and Bryan Seifstein (33), sit down for a conversation about the 2016 presidential election, the 2017 Women’s March, the role politics play in their lives, and the hopes they have for the future of...

Lisa Lindsay and Kim Hawley

One Small Step partners Lisa Lindsay (45) and Kim Hawley (58) discuss climate change, the war in Ukraine, and find common ground around their love for the outdoors and having dogs.