Grandma Margaret Macpherson

We talked about Margaret’s life and how proud she is of her children and her students. She shared how she would like to be remembered for her love of life. She shared happy moments and sad ones.

Betsy Hodges and Maureen Sigauke

Betsy Hodges (51) speaks with friend and colleague Maureen Sigauke (36) about their work fighting for marginalized communities and against racism.

Augustine Byamasu and Barbara Arne

Friends Barbara Arne (63) and Augustine Byamasu (46) talk about his journey with his family from a refugee camp in Zimbabwe, to being a home owner in Georgia.

"Here's the declaration of Alma Ata. Go out and do public health!" Malcolm Bryant and Jennifer Beard Talk About Global Health, Part 1

Malcolm Bryant talks with his colleague, Jennifer Beard, about working as a physician in Zimbabwe and how he made his way into a career in global public health implementing primary care programs in collaboration with health professionals around the world.

Ellie Coburn, Extrodinare

Ellie Coburn, 22, has spent the past few years of her life as a foster parent, photographer, activist, and young living ambassador. Having lost her father at 13, she talks about how much of an inspiration he was to her,...

Enemy Alien # 1098

Gord Breedyk interviews Evelyn Voigt, a member of the Board of Directors of Civilian Peace Service Canada (CPSC). Evelyn was born in a prisoner of war camp in what is now Zimbabwe to German parents who were forcefully removed from...

Wendy Brooking and Linda Schiller

One Small Step conversation partners Wendy Brooking (50) and Linda Schiller (70) compare Zimbabwean politics to US politics, and discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their families.

James Hakim and Myron Cohen

James Hakim (58) and Myron "Mike" Cohen (62) talk about their involvement with HPTN trial 052, a very successful HIV treatment and prevention study. They talk about their own histories, the history of the trial, and how it felt when...

Harold Lewis and Matthew Knox

One Small Step partners Harold Lewis (61) and Matthew "Scott" Knox (48) share stories about their different lived experiences as a Black man growing up in the segregated South and a gay man growing up in the Northeast.

"When the elephants fight the grass suffers." Malcolm Bryant and Jennifer Beard Talk About Global Health, Part 2

Malcolm Bryant talks about some of the big picture challenges he sees in the field of global health, ranging from narrow and overly medicalized strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality to the skewed priorities and short timelines of donors....