Malcolm and Maggie – 12/1/22

Maggie Mantini and I (Malcolm Saltzman) are classmates in a journalism class. Maggie talked about her lived experiences growing up Catholic and the way that she is trying to find herself again in college.

Anita Wiggins and Deborah Callahan

One Small Step partners Anita Wiggins (65) and Deborah Callahan (56) discuss major events that shaped them, their spirituality as a Catholic and a Mormon, the difficulty raising children with or without their shared beliefs, and self-love.

Megan Feeney and Patricia Owens

One Small Step partners Megan Feeney (40) and Patricia "Patty" Owens (68) discuss the role religion plays in their lives, the influential people they have known, and issues that concern them.

Lillian Rojas and Donna Price

[Recorded: Friday, September 2nd, 2022] Lillian (20) and Donna (68) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Lillian is a Third Year student at the University of Virginia studying public policy, leadership, and religious studies. Donna is the...

Jill Kaufman and Michael Medrano

One Small Step partners Jill Kaufman (49) and Michael Medrano (47) speak about their work, their views on religion and marriage, and what they like to do in their spare time.

Howard Davis and Winnie Canup

Howard Davis (47) and his One Small Step partner Winnie Canup (64) discuss their work in education, their religious affiliations, and their political experiences.

Todd Ramsey and Susan Osborne

One Small Step partners Todd Ramsey (40) and Susan Osborne (75) talk about their changes in political beliefs, local politics in Kansas, and Susan's critique of the Catholic Church.

Together – Paulist Fr. Richard Chilson

Paulist Fr. Richard Chilson recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a #priest. In 1976, he moved to Berkeley, CA, where he spent 20 years, first as campus minister and then in studies and on special assignment. He...