Dawn Heath-Fiedler and Heather Brewer

Dawn Heath-Fiedler (58) and her friend and colleague Heather Brewer (53) talk about their work caring for victims of human trafficking and educating young people to avoid being victims.

Bill Farrell and Juhi Desai

[Recorded: January 5, 2022] Bill Farrell (70) and Juhi Desai (28) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Juhi is a current UVA Law student working towards a career as a public defender. Bill underwent...

Sophia and the violence she went through.

Sophia will talk about the violence she suffered and how she is recovering from it.

Cindy Claycomb and Tammie Wray

One Small Step partners Cindy Claycomb (65) and Tammie "Sue" Wray (62) discuss how their views don't always align with their chosen political parties, their beliefs concerning gun violence, and their concerns about the current climate of polarization.

Sonya Rosario and Venus Prado

Friends Sonya Rosario (64) and Venus Prado (51) discuss Sonya's return to San Antonio after living away for 35 years. They discuss Sonya's career as a filmmaker, memories, and share wisdom for future generations to come.

Deborah Breland and John Breland

Spouses John "Richard" Breland (67) and Deborah Breland (65) have a conversation about how they met and the life they have built together.

Nancy Dick and Kristine Johnson Moore

Colleagues and friends Nancy Dick (74) and Kristine Johnson Moore (61) discuss their families, faith, careers, and the life experiences that have shaped their writing.

Sierra Laverty and Suzanne Asha Stone

Suzanne Asha Stone (60) and daughter Sierra Laverty (30) share memories of the challenges and triumphs of wolf reintroduction and discuss the future of conservation.