Glenda Tate and Jamila Raybourn

Glenda Tate [no age given] shares a conversation with her mentee, Jamila Raybourn (31), about Jamila’s childhood, her family, her dreams and purpose, what brings her joy, and how she arrived where she is now.

Keren & CJ Holt

Keren & CJ share their story of pregnancy loss. How well-meaning friends and family members condolences often felt unintendedly hurtful in the moment, and not knowing how they wanted to grieve, they decided to have a private funeral for their...

Rose Austria & Will Rogers

Rose talks about her nursing career as a case manager and winning a nurse of the year award. She shares heartbreaking stories about working with COVID patients, losing her mother during the pandemic.

Mark Mancuso, Carl Huber, and Matt Bielewicz

Friends Mark Mancuso (38), Carl Huber (40), and Matt Bielewicz (39), share a conversation about losing a close friend to gun violence in the midst of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and how choosing to finish it helped them in...

Adele Jones, Connie Dunlop, and DeEtte Dunlop

Sisters Adele Jones (65) and DeEtte Dunlop (66) share a conversation with their mother, Connie Dunlop (89), about Connie’s relationship with her husband, her memories of growing up in a coal-mining town, and her work, including her career at Xerox.

Kyle Banks and Marian Mohamed

Significant others Kyle Banks (36) and Marian Mohamed (29) share a conversation about how they met, their families, the grief of losing loved ones, and some of the best and hardest times they have shared together.

Emily Good and Robert Good

Emily Good (38) shares a conversation with her father, Robert "Bob" Good (72), about Bob’s childhood, his parents and siblings, grief, and about how he would like to be remembered.

Renee Kaplowitz and Janie Cravens

Renee Kaplowitz [no age given] tells her friend Janie Cravens (66) about her life as a military kid and her father's death.

Derrick Brown and Rob Alexander

Spouses Derrick "Chip" Brown (51) and Rob Alexander (49) discuss purpose, intention, and the acceptance that came with their commitment to one another.