Nancy Lammers and Abigail Clauhs

Nancy, a PACE nurse in Portland, shares with colleague and chaplain Abigil about what brought her to nursing. Nancy has been with Providence since July 2023.

My Sister Nisi

Anisa and I discuss her past, aspirations, proud moments, and getting through grief.

Mary Guillory and Franchesca Peña

Mary “Angelique” Guillory (53) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about beginning a new phase of their life after their mother’s passing and finding purpose and presence in life beyond caregiving.

Two Badass Sisters Inspire the Rare Disease World

Suzanne Hoff, 76, listens to Sharon Neumann, 66, relate her remarkable experiences as caregiver from childhood for her younger sister diagnosed with the rare, incurable disease of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) to their remarkable journey developing world wide support (IFOP)for...

My Good Grief: A conversation about grief and the journey to healing
November 7, 2023 App Interview

Larry Eiler, a retired PR professional and widow, speaks with Elizabeth Kagan, a graduate student at University of Michigan, on his wife's unexpected passing in 2015. He shares his journey of how he's learned to manage his grief and his...

Annie [No Name Given] and Anne Smith

Anne Smith (55) interviews Annie [No Name Given] [no age given] about her favorite things, her experience at First Light Community, and her loved ones.

Experiences as Care Givers and navigating Grief (with Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin)

Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin talk about similar experiences as care givers and navigating grief. We talk about our relationships with our parents, navigating the healthcare system, and managing grief. This was inspired by Sandra Perez's dad, Rodrigo Perez (who...

Fr. Gregory Kirsch & Kelly Schmidt

Fr. Gregory and Kelly talk about the Table of the King celebration and its significance in the Catholic faith and those of us at Providence Health. The Table of the King celebration was created by Sr. Emilie Gamelin, one of...

My Cousin, Evan – 06-17-2023 22:22:28

Sarah Marshall interviewed her cousin, Evan Holvoet on the relationship between their two families, hopes for the future, and the meaning of Alaina’s loss.