Sarah Vogt and Katharine Kenny

One Small Step partners Sarah Vogt (63) and Katharine Kenny (67) have a conversation about their shared feelings of responsibility to humanity, political values, and views on abortion. They find agreement in seeing two Republican parties today and being troubled...

Norma Denson Feb 2023

Norma Denson and her granddaughter Emily Rich talk about Norma’s life.

Shamika Wilson and Jill Henderson

Shamika Wilson (47) speaks with her friend Jill Henderson (57) about losing her son Draylen. Shamika shares memories of Draylen and reflects on the grieving process and the importance of having a support system.

Cassandra Walker and Jill Henderson

Cassandra Walker [no age given] speaks with her friend, Jill Henderson (57), about her late son Terence, how she remembers him, and how his death has impacted their family.

Jeanine Mah and Susan Mah

On August 23, 2016 Jeanine Mah (84) talks with her daughter, Susan Mah (48), about the death of Jeanine's husband/Susan's father from cancer as well as Jeanine's thoughts about her own pending death, which occurred 3 years later. They discuss...

Melinda Hamilton and Felicia Williams

Friends Melinda Hamilton [no age given] and Felicia Williams [no age given] have a conversation about helping others navigate the grieving process. They also discuss their shared experiences and talk about their nonprofits called "Journey 2 Healing Hearts" and "Mother's...

Olyvia and Quincy

Olyvia Greening (18), interviewed her boyfriend, Quincy Davis (19) about his struggles with loss, racism, and financial struggles. He really dives into his grandpa’s passing and how it affected him.

Interviewing my father about my grandpa (his father)
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Recently my grandpa (Steve Straus) was killed in a shooting in chicago. It was very sudden and my family and I are heartbroken. Even though I knew some stuff about him from the many encounters we shared, I felt as...

Anna Verwij Interviews Noreen Czarnecki

On November 27th 2022 Anna Verwij (20) sat down to interview her aunt’s mother Noreen Czarnecki (82) about her relationship with her late husband Frank Czarnecki, her life growing up in the city, and her experiences as a mother. Noreen...