"In Iran there was no space agency. The idea of working at NASA wasn't real. But it's always been my passion." A chat with Yasaman Shirazi.

As a mission scientist Dr. Yasaman Shirazi sends rodent research experiments to the space station. In her role she noticed how much of a gap there was when working with engineers and scientists. Engineers thought scientists make everything difficult. Scientists...

Eleanor Wend and Richard VanAken

Friends Eleanor Wend (65) and Richard VanAken (74) remember their involvement with nuclear disarmament activism in Montana and Seattle.

"There were are two paths, figure out how things work or figure out to forecast things." an interview with Paul Stackhouse

Paul Stackhouse is a sun chaser, but in his case it means measuring the surface radiation budget. This means figuring out how much sunlight gets to the surface of the planet, and takes a deep understanding of factors like cloud...

25% Chance of Survival

One of the worst things to hear as a parent, is that your child has cancer. On November 22nd 2017, Erica Bunting interviewed her forty-nine-year-old Aunt, Anne Bunting about being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer when she was just two years...