Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #4 (20200808) Young Adulthood – Mentors, Growth, and Early Jobs

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their fourth Storycorps Connect interview. We start by talking about influential teachers and what they meant in Dave's life. Then we continue to cover Dave's various apprentice roles as well as what he studied...

interview with my grandma

i talked to my grandma about her life and how teaching has changed her life for the better.

Getting to know Shannon Gillett

Shannon Gillette my Research Media Teacher

First Hand Account of What it’s Like to Be a Fifth Grade Teacher During Lockdown

I was interested in how teachers have been doing during the lockdown in terms of teaching strategy and keeping their students engaged. My father who is a teacher at the local elementary school so I thought he’d be the perfect...

Lisa Sanchez and Lynne Clunk

Lisa Sanchez (49) interviews her first grade teacher Lynne Clunk (63). The two share memories of their interactions, how each has influenced the other and the obstacles they've overcome.

Grateful for love

Anna (23) discusses what has been most impactful in her life, including love from family and friends, wisdom of a kind teacher, and cherished memories

Teaching in the COVID-19 Pandemic

A teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania details his experience during the Covid-19 out break.