Ula Dodson and David Dodson

Siblings Ula Dodson (73) and David Dodson (66) share a conversation about growing up, their parents, their grandparents, their careers, and the value of community.

Sharon Bloemendaal and John Bloemendaal

Spouses Sharon Bloemendaal (80) and John "Jack" Bloemendaal (80) share a conversation about their upbringing in Iowa, what brought them to Rochester, New York, and the things they value most in life.

Andrew Currie and Duncan Currie

Andrew Currie (59) shares a conversation with his father, Duncan Currie (83), about his childhood, his career in public education, and their family.

David Lane and Grayson Sless

Spouses David Lane (76) and Grayson Sless (66) share a conversation about how they met and how they have changed over the years, especially as a result of the relationship they have had with one another.

Verma Pastor and Laura Pastor

Verma Pastor (78) and her daughter Laura Pastor (51) remember Ed Pastor, Verma's husband and Laura's father, who was the first Mexican-American elected to Congress in Arizona. The pair talk about how Verma and Ed met, his early days in...

Edmund Harris and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) shares a conversation with her friend, Edmund Harris (56), remembering Edmund’s late wife, Kim.

"I’m more of a painter in music than a musician" – Alan Semerdjian

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Alan Semerdjian (Long Island) who makes meaning of his life through art. They discuss family influence, Armenian heritage, dialectic thinking, writing, music, and the art of educating.

Senior Meinert

Me entrevista para mi final del clase de AP

Interview with my dad, Jesse Pennington

In this conversation we talked about al sorts of topics, ranging from el Molino’s environment, sports, social activities and more.