Hannah Rajalingam and Helena Rajalingam

Hannah Rajalingam: 2020-12-22 02:17:50 Hannah Rajalingam (14) talks with her sister Helena Rajalingam (18) about starting college during the pandemic and social and political change that has affected Helena as a new voter and college student.

November 18, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my mom about her voting experience.

Don’t Forget Where You Come From

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Orange, California, Diana Portillo (20) interviews her mother Maria Bruno (46) about her immigration process and journey to the United States. Mrs. Bruno shares her experience when moving from Mexico to California....

My dad and I

My dads opinions and thought about politics and voting.

America. How should we take initiative.

Mustafa Dabaja interviews his brother Rami Dabaja on what he thinks of America and how we should move forward. Together they address the problems we have as a society and how we should fix them.

Marcus McNeill and Alice McNeill

In this interview, Marcus McNeill interviews his family member, Alice. The topics discussed are Voting, Current Issues and personal questions were asked

Mr. Kelly’s Interview

Middle school teacher and I talk about narratives and the importance of independence, responsibility, challenging yourself and voting.

Interview with Katy James

I talked to Katy James, my mother, about her childhood, college, career, and many life accomplishments. We also talked about advice for future generations as well as 9/11.