Stephanie [No Name Given] and Megan Day

Friends Stephanie [No Name Given] (41) and Megan Day (38) talk about their bonding experience during their time at treatment this past November. The two reflect on the things they miss about treatment, the difficulties of returning to normal life,...

Angela Filipiak and Sydney Connor

Coworkers Angela “Angie” Filipiak (43) and Sydney Connor (31) talk about how they take care of their mental health in their work as nurses.

Andrew Walker and Jennifer Walker

Partners Andrew Walker [no age given] and Jennifer Walker (50) share their love story and talk about why they decided to leave the Mormon faith.

Paula Froehle and Todd Ferguson

Fiances Paula Froehle (58) and Jason Todd Ferguson (46) come together to share a conversation about their relationship, love after divorce, and how they support one another, particularly how Todd supported Paula through the end of her mother's battle with...

Maternal Influence Interview

An authentic interview with my mother about the joy and heartache that comes with being a women, mother and everything in between.

Grandma Cypress takes on a Questionnaire

Today I (Sophia Morales) interviewed my grandma, Cypress Morales, who is 74 years old. We talked about her words of wisdom, her lessons learned in life, some of her happiest memories, and what her childhood was like. This interview took...

Tracy Hall and Mary Balkema

Colleagues and One Small Step partners Tracy Hall (50) and Mary Balkema (55) talk about their careers in local politics, their perspectives on public service, and the life lessons they have taken away from their work.

Connie Williams and Lance Friend

One Small Step partners Connie Williams (68) and Lance Friend (49) talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives, the importance of middle ground, and the political climate of the United States today.