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Frank DiCostanzo and Manuela Velasquez

Frank DiCostanzo (62) talks with his conversation partner, Manuela Velasquez (23), about his experiences with Steve Yellen and Basketball in the Barrio. They also talk about the connections between art and basketball and how Frank would like to spend the...

Mark Alvarado and Rus Bradburd

Friends Mark Alvarado (59) and Rus Bradburd (63) talk about Basketball in the Barrio. They also talk about El Paso, Texas, and the connection between art and basketball.

Lecroy Rhyanes and Isaiah Rhyanes

Brothers LeCroy “Lee” Rhyanes Jr. [no age given] and Isaiah Rhyanes (25) talk about how Basketball in the Barrio has influenced their lives. They also talk about their connection to basketball, share memories of growing up, and their hopes for...

Beto O'Rourke and Rus Bradburd

Friends Beto O’Rourke (50) and Rus Bradburd (63) discuss the Segundo Barrio neighborhood in El Paso, Texas, the intersection of politics and sports and integration efforts in El Paso.

Grace Hernandez, Elena Hernandez Melendez, and Rafael Hernandez

Cousins Elena Hernandez Melendez [no age given] and Rafael Hernandez (35) have a conversation with their aunt Grace Hernandez [no age given] about their relationship with Basketball in the Barrio and the role that the camp and community have played...

George Quinlan and Jose Ortez

Friends George Quinlan (59) and Jose Ortez (40) discuss Jose’s early childhood, his academic trajectory, and George's role as Jose’s basketball coach at Guillen Middle school in El Paso, Texas.

David Chavez and Omar Chavez

Brothers David Chavez (29) and Omar Chavez [no age given] discuss the nonprofit Basketball en el Barrio, community outreach, life skills they have learned, and the importance of coaches.