Philip Dah Immigration Interview

I talked with a family friend about his immigration from Ghana.

First day of School

Augustine and I talked about his experience with school.

Historian Recording of person (Gresick 4B)

My Uncle Henry is the closest thing I have to a dad and when I was little he would always tell me stories so I thought he would be perfect for this l, even though he tends to ramble.


I interviewed my dad, and even though he hasn’t been in the US for that long he still offered a lot of incite about how he has been affected traditionally, politically, and culturally since moving to the US.

How has the way you receive information changed

Bernedicta Owusu is a family friend of mine . She came here from Ghana, so she gave me an insight on how it’s changed.

Interview with George

In this interview, I interview George Cicero from Ghana.

October 16, 2018 App Interview
Immigration Interview with Charles Nartey

This interview is about Charles’ journey from Ghana to America, and what the process of immigrating was like for him.

Kate Barlow OT interview

Interview with Occupational Therapy Professor and Global Advocate for feeding disorders Dr Kate Barlow