Univ autothnography

My aunt and I really have a special connection. She has been the one I can always talk to and know she will give me her most honest opinion. During the interview and her sharing details that I had forgot...

The secret life I live

Dakari talks about his life and his opinions on this current presidency and in thei interview it is explained the process of becoming a US citizen

Glasses on Field.

I talk about a very certain day where I had forgotten my glasses.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I sat down with Brendan today to talk about his mental Illness. He suffers from depression. After going through all the questions he felt better about opening up to someone after the interview.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

The interview went better than expected and interviewer gained insight on how interviewee saw mental illness

Slamming the Stigma Of Mental Illness

Mental illness is a serious topic and most people have mixed emotions and perspectives towards it. Getting insights from others exposes more viewpoints on the topic.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

In this interview we talked about my uncle’s mental illness. He is bipolar. He is able to control himself but knows he is bipolar in certain situations.

“Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness”

This interview is between my dad and I about his view on mental illness for my thanksgiving assignment for my psychology class.

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I interviewed my abuelita from my moms side of the family. We spoke on mental illnesses and talked about her perception of it. My mom was translating the questions so she could understand since she doesn’t know much English. The...

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

My mother had major depression after my father passed away and dealt with it for 5 years or so. She eventually over came the depression after realizing that she needed too.