We discussed our differences on whether we are pro-choice or pro-life. Upon discussing, we found a common ground and realized that life isn’t just black and white and it’s also a lesson.

Growing Up in a Blended Family with Interviewee Ashley Bolton and Interviewer Lenae Brown
September 12, 2019 App Interview

On September 12, 2019 in Chicago, IL, Ashley Bolton sat down with Lenae Brown and discussed her experience with growing up in a blended family. The 24 year old female spoke about the challenges of having step and half siblings,...


Ahmed Omar (37) interviews his friend Gilad Sevitt (28), a delegate of new story leadership, about his life as a social entrepreneur and building bridges by teaching the Arabic language to Israelis so that they can communicate with their neighbors.

"Glaciers are the interface between land, atmosphere, and ocean.” an interview with Christopher Shuman

Christopher Shuman is on faculty at University of Maryland Baltimore County and a research scientist in the Cryospheric Sciences Lab at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Christopher has extensive work history in Greenland and in Antarctica, analyzing layers in...

Mom, Daughter, and Life

Listening to my mothers wisdom during a tough time in my life.

"Sharp Observations from a Keen Observer." an interview with Susan Loizer

We won’t say how long Susan Lozier has been shaping young minds at Duke University (she may let it slip), but she talks about amazing changes that have happened during her tenure. She grew up wondering how rivers get polluted,...

"Working Together to Prepare for the Unknown." an interview with Gari Mayberry

For the last 14 years, Gari Mayberry has put her volcanology background to work as a disaster response coordinator at USAID. Disasters come in many shapes and sizes so that specialty is a start, but often Gari finds herself connecting...

"It never occurred to me to work in science communication" an interview with Laurie Cantillo

Laurie Cantillo, the Deputy Director of Communications and Education at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talks about her journey to become a science communicator. She developed an interest in science at an early age spending time in the outdoors with her...

"There would not be life without geosciences." an interview with Dwayne Brown

How can scientists tell the story of science so that the public listens and understands? Dwayne Brown is the Senior Communication Officer for the Science Directorate at NASA and works with hundreds of scientists to communicate their ideas on television,...

"Celestial events are always a winner.” an interview with Kristen Erickson

Kristen Erickson, Director of science engagements and partnership, recently helmed NASA’s efforts to involve over 154 million adult Americans with direct participation with the 2017 total eclipse – the largest engagement effort in NASA history. But in her more than...

"You can make the claim that airborne transport of dust gives us rum.” an interview with Hal Maring

Hal Maring once risked his life for a box of fog. The physical scientist at NASA Headquarters was once on a New Zealand research cruise in the Tasman Sea when the vessel hit bad weather. They took down some of...

"Communication is our responsibility." an interview with Jay Famiglietti

James Famiglietti, hydrologist and Director of the Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, discusses his work with NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experience (GRACE) and the evolution of technology throughout his career including its impact on water security....

"I've been a professional astronomer for over 20 years, [and it] still gives me goosebumps." an interview Michelle Thaller

Michelle Thaller, science communicator at NASA Goddard, discusses how she persisted in following her scientific passions even after being discouraged by teachers and guidance counselors. She also talked about why non-scientists should care about things so far away from Earth:...

"It’s Always Sunny in Climate Science." an interview with Phil Mote

Is it a good time to be a climate scientist? Yes, says Phil Mote, Director Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at Oregon State University. Predictions over the past 40 years are coming true and while some look at that with...


I discussed past events with my uncle in order to see how him reminiscing makes him want to keep going today. From this interview, I’ve seen my uncle’s growth throughout his life in general so I just wanted to see...

Effect of Technological Advancements and Social Media on Modern Society

Discussing the effects of social media and how information technology has evolved over the years pertaining to how we learn and communicate as a society. Discussing possible solutions and things to keep in mind while living in such impersonal/anonymous times...

Joshua Gordon StoryCorps Interview

My roommate Matthew and I discuss communication and culture in his life

Relationship and love #NORTHSIDECHIRICO

What was talked about was the love my mother has for my father. How she continues to keep the relationship strong. The lessons she’s learned throughout her time being with my dad. And her experiences growing about dealing with love.

Reminiscing Car Ride to Campus

Two friends from college talk about their experiences so far and about what comes after the end of senior year.

New Media Project

Advancements in communication, specifically the phone, and how it has affected communication today.

Grandfather to grandaughter

the most important things in life aren’t what you think.