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France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...

Growing up in the 1970’s

Just how different do you believe the 70’s were? To answer your question they are very different. The people did not even dress the same as people now. Imagine living in a time where there was so little technology that...

The Affect of The Great Recession
November 1, 2018 App Interview

My neighbor talked about the Great Recession of 2008, and how it affected her

“We were all believers in the concept”: Doug Oler talks about his career path and the creation of the Wayne County Foundation

Doug and Alison talk about growing up in Economy, his family life, and how his career path led him to community efforts such as the formation of the Wayne County Foundation, a successful community foundation created in Richmond, IN.

Susheel’s Final interview part 1

Mrs. Janakiraman talks about her views on the history of India, with their relation to Britain. She also talks about her view on Mahatma Ghandi.

Social Studies Great Recession interview

The Great Recession and the Great Depression were 2 things in America’s economy that drove us down in the dirt.

Interview with Jolsuan Ruiz

Interview with Jolsuan Ruiz, a financial accountant in Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, discussing his experience with the Central Bank of the United State.