Interview with Mike Miller

Interview with Mike Miller talking about his experiences after the 70s and how political events changed the future in his eyes.


Growing up in 1970s and 1980s in a white community.

Ed Holstein & Rick Weiland

Folksinger and Old Town School teacher Ed Holstein talks with his student Rick Weiland about growing up on Chicago's south side, stories of the city's folk scene over the past 50+ years, and memories of his brother and collaborator Fred...

Racism’s big impact on Boston in 1978

What would happen to a kid who was surrounded by racist people? I, Dante Battista, age 15, interviewed my father, Richard Battista, age 55. This interview was taken in Los Angeles, California, on January 6th, 2020. This interview is about...

Gavin’s Interview with Grandma

Grandma has been living with Gavin (age 6), his sister Audra (she 3) for 5 months. Today he asked her questions about growing up in Illinois and raising her family in Colorado

Sharing Sharon

Tammy Reynolds: 2023-06-13 22:42:05 In this interview, Eastern Michigan University student Tammy Reynolds interviews her grandmother Sharon Reynolds to learn what her life as a young girl was like in the 1950s, 60s, etc. This was done as an assignment...


I interview Leah about her life during the 1970s

A interview with my grandfather, Don Waldrop.

In this interview, given on November 28th, 2017, I sit down and have a heart to heart with my grandfather. Don H. Waldrop (my bumper) and I talk about his upbringing on the family farm and how it impacted his...


Asked my dad when he first arrived to the US, when he finally became legalizaed, and when he got his first car and house.

Dagmar Ebaugh and Sandy S.

One Small Step partners Dagmar Ebaugh (55) and Sandy S. (55) have a conversation where they explore the life experiences that have shaped their political views. As children, they both moved often, which they believe gave them perspective on different...

1970’s Interview

Interview with my mom about the 1970’s

Don Millinger and Gary Clinton

Don Millinger (66) and his husband, Gary Clinton (70), remember their first visit to Fire Island Pines, discuss learning about AIDS, and share memories of loved ones they lost throughout the epidemic. The pair also reflect on how Fire Island...

Interview with Baba

My dad who is a Syrian refugee speaks about his childhood and what he had to go through being an immigrant.

Mom’s (Diane Marsico Lebo) childhood interview

Insight into my mother’s childhood growing up in the 70’s

My Dad is Cool part 3

My Dad is the best influence and I think I can learn a lot more from him

Working in the US Defense Industry During the Cold War at the Northrop Corporation

Nils Kolderup discusses his career at the Northrop Corporation from the 1960s to 1994. He developed astro-intertial navigation systems and electronics which could withstand high levels of nuclear radation. We also discuss how his career influenced his perspective on the...

Interview with My Mom 6/3/23

I talk to my mom about her childhood and early life (mainly just before my brother and I were born) in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.