Aisha Owens and Kristen Kelley

Aisha Owens (36) is interviewed by her case manager Kristen Kelly (27) about her thoughts on poverty, homelessness, rent hikes, and her journey finding stable housing at La Casa Norte.

Emily Rushing and Fred Bennett

One Small Step partners, Emily Rushing (70) and Fred Bennett (76) discuss the changing landscape of news, media literacy, social issues, and being Christians who value diversity and racial reconciliation.

Neighborhood Equity and Latino Urbanism in Dallas, TX

A discussion about the Latino experience in Dallas, TX, small business owners and the threat of housing displacement in Oak Cliff neighborhoods with Jennifer Rangel, urban planner and author of "A Geographical Examination of Urban Planning - Oak Cliff as...

Tommy Timm and Jennifer Timm

Tommy Timm (76) talks with his daughter Jennifer Timm (44) about his long career in social activism and the various movements he has been a part of both in the United States and South America.

Jerry Gadek and Cammy Anderson

Colleagues, Jerry Gadek (52) and Cammy Hart-Anderson (51) have a conversation about their work helping veterans dealing with homelessness.

Christin Evans and Thomas Wolf

Advocates Christin Evans (47) and Thomas Wolf (50) share their views on the connection between homelessness, substance abuse, and housing issues in San Francisco.

Archie Willis III and Constance Dyson

Archie Willis III (62) interviewed by his friend Constance Dyson [no age given] about his father A.W. Willia Jr. who was highly involved in the Civil Rights Movement, attending integrated schools, his mother's civic and volunteering work, how his childhood...

Laura Donaldson and Cathleen O'Brien

Laura Donaldson (52) talks to fellow disability rights organizer, Cathleen O'Brien (31) about her experiences with housing instability in Chicago, her difficulty finding both affordable and accessible housing as a woman of color with a disability, Laura has Cerebral Palsy,...

Art Stoltzfus and Nadia Dames

Friends and colleagues, Art Stoltzfus (63) and Nadia Dames (36), discuss the importance of interfaith relationships and the role trust plays in building interfaith community.