astrology questions with mom

i asked my mom three questions about why she believes in astrology, how she feels she relates to hers and why people don’t believe it in at all.

Janeen Richards and Patricia Burkett

One Small Step partners Janeen Richards (59) and Patricia Burkett (53) discuss family estrangement due to politics on social media, their Covid experiences, and spirituality.

Huda Albandar and Hayat Alsadoon

Huda Albandar (16) shares a conversation with her cousin Hayat Alsadoon (12) about their relationship, lives, interests, passions, and future goals.

All about Momare

This is a short story of my grandmothers life. She speaks about her childhood, segregation, marriage, and her work. She also speaks on her relationship with god.

Emily Janssen and Nik Rye

Friends Nik Rye (32) and Emily Janssen (24) talk about moving in together, astrology, and what they've discovered once they stopped restraining themselves.

Astrology/Personality Types and the Effect on their Character

Emma and I went over her opinions on astrology and Myers Brigg personality types

Joshua Fouts and Tara DePorte

Joshua Sheridan Fouts (47) talks with Tara DePorte (34) about curiosity, his science and anthropology background, and how he came to work for Bioneers. Joshua describes his father's research and being raised with five chimpanzees, some people who have inspired...